July 2, 2011

Hello July

Not much to write but mom has to stay four more weeks on her ankle. Not fun. On so many levels. :P Stephen has moved out of my house and back at his apartment- he's doing much better and summer thus far has actually been fairly enjoyable. ( You all know how I hate summer ) Last night Stephen took me on a surprise date to the Sawdust Festival which is like a huge artsy/hippy type event featuring amazing music and over 100 local artists. It was amazing! I forgot my camera ( I thought we were just going to dinner ) so I don't have any pictures. Dang! But it was so much fun and I got this hand painted note cards that say "Danica" on them. I was so excited because growing up they never had my name on any name venue things and I saw my name on the list and I almost died! This artist has been there for twenty years and well known for having more unusual names for her artwork. Yay! :) They were only eight dollars too. Score! Anyways, I have a lot of errands and things to do around this house this weekend but I'm really looking forward to this 4th of July!!! Stephen and my family are going to our annual carnival and parade in our neighborhoods and then fireworks near my Uncle and Aunts house in Irvine. :) So excited. Hope you all have a great weekend.

P.S I'm surprised my skin hasn't turned red. I've been eating strawberries with Truvia on them for ever meal. Mmmmhmm.

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