June 7, 2011

stephen post surgery

As many of you know Stephen ( my fiance ) has suffered from Crohn's disease since he was 12 years old. He has never had this bad of a flare up in his intestine for many years and was scheduled June 13th to have a part of small intestine ( that has holes in it ) to be removed and also do some work in and around that area for his small intestine had gotten attached to his muscle and causing a blockage. ( Which obviously causes a lot of pain ). On Friday morning he called me crying and moaning in pain. I was on my way to work and quickly turned around and praying continually for God to keep him safe before I got there.

I got to his apartment and took him straight to the hospital. It took quite a long time and we stayed together while waiting and praying and more waiting. Soon enough the surgeon said he needs to be admitted right away...so he did. He had his surgery a whole week early and now is his first day of recovery. I forgot my camera today so these pictures are only before surgery but he got up out of bed for the first time today which is amazing. I'm so thankful for all the many prayers of family and friends for his surgery to go well. It was a complete success and Stephen is healing right on target if not better than most patients (according to the doctors and the surgeons ).

I stayed with him overnight two nights and I was fine, taking care of him, helping the nurses but then all of a sudden I got sick. I accidentally saw his stomach where the operation had occurred and literally threw up a minute later. I will still love him regardless but I can't help but wish this surgery never had to happen and that my baby didn't have to have a 4 inch scar across his tummy. I still feel nauseous at this point but I believe all those hours, stress and smells and sights of being in the hospital that long was starting to get to me. Seeing Stephen with so many tubes here and there and heart monitors stuck all over him...it was just getting to be too much for me. I'm still a little uneasy even though the surgery is over but I guess that's what being a fiance is all about. Being so "one" with one another that I literally made myself sick over him.

Now I'm home and Stephen is continuing recovery and I will be visiting him tomorrow after work ( if I feel better ). Now I know I can't stay that long because I'm not as strong as I thought I was. Everyone was impressed by how well I was taking all of this in and how well I was taking care of him. But I cracked today. I've been nauseous since Monday ( the day of his surgery ) and I threw up 5 times today. I haven't eaten or slept since Monday and I'm starting to feel the consequences of that. I keep praying God will comfort me and help me be at ease while he's in the hospital. That he will have a speedy recovery and be sent home early. I want him to come home so badly. I miss him so much.

( sigh ) What a week. I'm wondering how life will continue after this event. The surgeon said he will gain some weight back and will hopefully keep his Crohns under control after a few weeks of the surgery. I really do hope he gains a healthy weight. I hate seeing my baby in pain and so weak and fragile. But to my surprise...the doctors kept saying they are amazed at his strides, his body was tough and so is he. I believe God made him strong that day. And I believe He will continue to help him be strong. God can do anything. And just the fact that the surgery went like clock work and he's in minimal pain right now...is a miracle in my eyes.

I love you Stephen. Can't wait till you are home and I can hug and kiss you properly. :)


  1. your going to make an amazing wife my love. Im glad to hear everything went well. I definitely shot out a few prayers after hearing about your future hubbies crohns flaring up. God is so gracious and merciful aint he? I'm glad that God is showing you what being a wife is like before your become one :). What a blessing to learn the in sickness and health part of the covenant early huh?

    Btw. You have one of the most beautiful smiles I know girl. Goodness. I got a bit jealous with that beautiful pic of you staring up at the camera :). haha so precious..



  2. You two are amazing, seriously. And I completely agree with SavedthruLove, you are going to make an exceptionally wonderful wife and life partner. I wish you two only the best, and I'll be praying for you guys and a speedy recovery!