May 25, 2011

nothing, really

I started school on Tuesday. Praise Jesus it is only two days a week. I would literally die of pain and suffering. Regardless if it's material I'm interested will always be school and I will always be a bad studier and a horrible test taker. ( Side Story ) ( and, all of my followers are female so this really doesn't matter I guess ) One time in High School....I was so nervous during a final exam that I had a panic attack! My body was so shaken by nerves, literally, my body reacted and I got my period! No joke. True story. I hate tests! Well, we haven't even received our first homework assignment but this proves how much I over think the future. Shame on me.

Anyways, there hasn't really been any updates on Stephen's surgery but we are praying and preparing spiritually and mentally for the event. My work is being more than generous and giving me two days off for the day of and the day after to take care of him. I'm still a little bit uncertain by this whole thing and what means for us but I'm amazed at his amount of faith and calmness within the Lord. Stephen is my rock and I'm always so thankful I have a man who is physically weak but spiritually strong. I'm so blessed to have someone who is stead fast in the Lord and more often than me. I am so unworthy.

On a different note. I'm sad to say that the only time I'm being fed by the word is in my car listening to K Wave on the way there and Pastors Perspective on the way back in the afternoon. I hate that I do this. I hate that I loose the word daily when I get busy and distracted ( with important things nonetheless, but you know what I mean ). I wish I had more discipline. I don't feel like I'm the godly woman God wants me to be. I want to inspire someone, I want to bring joy to someone, I want to feel beautiful, I want to share the word and I feel completely dry. I love my life and I know how short it is....I long to make a change in my world and I want to learn how to do that better. By the way: Selena Gomez's song " Who Said" pumps me up and makes me teary eyed. I love it so much and I'm inspired by her and what she stands for. I want to be Selena Gomez!

Things have ben going great, really. I'm so thankful for what I have...even in the small valleys I sometimes I go through. God is good and that's that my friends. God is good, let Him bless you.
( And let this little video encourage you! ) Because you are beautiful and so am I and I'm going to read my Bible more! Good night!


  1. your so amazing Danica :). God is raising you up into an amazing GODLY woman. I know exactly how you feel. I want desperately to be a stronger witness. To get into my word MORE and to have a real burning passion for HIS NAME and just to be CONSUMED.

    But this road I walk on is a narrow one and it is a road that I am called to follow after Him in. I think I lose my way more often than I want to but God wants us to repent and come to Him. When we draw near to Him he draws near to us.

    There is sin in my life right now and I need to truly repent and leave it at his throne but I am so weak and fleshy sometimes. I pray for Him to transform me and for you to be consumed by our great savior as well girl! He has plans for us... this i know!


    pray your throat feels better!

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