May 29, 2011

Most Moody

Why is it that when Aunt Flow comes around I have to give every once in my body to not have a negative body issue meltdown?! If you don't mind I would like to give myself the Most Moody Award. I hate that when Aunt Flow comes everything on my body immediately becomes disgusting, bloated and enlarged. ( Or so I think, I'm not too sure. ) Nothing fits right, I loose my style and go for comfort. I don't feel like doing my hair or make up because I have cramps and then I see my face and hair and feel even worse about myself! I lash out at my fiance and insist he'd love me more if I lose 30lbs. Why this vicious cycle girlfriends?! Seriously. Sometimes I wave my hands at the heavens and ask why on earth God designed women to be so crazy!

All joking aside...I do struggle with chronic insecurity and I've dealt with a lot. Stephen can tell you I've changed dramatically and are continually growing more confident in the Lord and drawing strength in this area. I have to constantly pray for strength to not get sucked into images of the world, pray that God will bless me and help me see this body is beautiful. I seriously love being a woman and I joke a lot about being moody and emotional but I think it's because I'm making fun of myself. I'm amazed at how God designed our bodies and how everything works, the fact that we even get menstrual cycles is a miracle from God that no one likes to talk about ( obviously ) but is really quite miraculous if you think about it.

Dear God, I can't believe I'm talking about menstruation cycles on our blog right now. Stephen will be so embarrassed. haha.

P.S Going to Santa Monica Pier tomorrow to spend the day with Stephen. I'm really thankful for this weekend so I can spend some extra time with him. We both have never really been in the Santa Monica area before so it will definitely be an adventure. :) Hopefully we manage to take some decent pictures. Have a great weekend and remember the men and women who have died for our country! I'm going to say a small little prayer tonight.

P.P.S Is there anything that you do or think that drives you nuts when Aunt Flow comes? I'd really like to know. Maybe it will make me feel like I'm not the only crazy woman out there.


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  1. Existing. That is something that drives me wild during those few hours of uncomfortable sometimes deadly pains raging throughout my pelvis and tummy. I can't wait to drive my husband crazy with requests and pleas as I lay on the bed tossing and turning and begging the Lord for mercy. Poor guy. Bless his heart ahead of time. And every other man that tolerates us in the midst of those days of agony.

    But you are right. The fact that women shed a lining of blood rain, sleet or snow each and every month is quite the miracle. God exists. And for that I will suffer those few days of pain knowing that I am bringing glory to his name and existence simply by being ALIVE. haha. Eat that atheists...

    k. I'm done being mean and grumpy.