May 14, 2011

A God of Hope

I haven't blogged since Mother's Day and I feel awful because even thought I don't write for people necessarily I feel a little bit empty when I don't post anything for a long time. But, I've been really busy but there is something I want to say: We don't know why God does certain things. We may have a small inkling or a complete revelation afterwards but we really see our lives ( in comparison to God ) like viewing a huge elaborate parade from a peephole.

Stephen has yet to find a better job and it kills me to see him mourn silently. To see him stand so I can. To see him so upset at himself for not being able to provide yet so we can get married. He has gone one year without a single interview. But-there is a larger issue at hand. I don't know if I've blogged about his disease but Stephen has Crohn's Disease. It has been affecting him greatly in the last several months with having to inject himself every month, unbearable pains and a significant amount of weight loss. We found out a couple days ago that Stephen needs to have surgery in his small intestine as soon as possible. I don't remember if it was ulcers or what but something really bad and the doctor is getting hold of the surgeon and he will let us know when Stephen is going to be operated on.

So, not getting married anytime soon with not a good job and now this. My poor Stephen. He is so scared and I am too. He has never had surgery before and I'm praying this will help him in his condition. I would love to see him gain a healthy weight, to not have as many abdominal pains, to not worry so much, to have hope in the future and a hope in our future. It is a really hard and scary time right now but we both have hope in our God. We are scared and clinging to our Savoir and asking for guidance. We don't know what good will come out of this but we will know someday.

Psalm 33:22
Let Your lovingkindness, O LORD, be upon us,
According as we have hoped in You.


  1. I will definitely be praying for Stephen. I have Ulcerative Colitis - a disease VERY similar to Chron's, and an I know the kind of pain and fear and worry it can cause.

  2. The Makers Diet by JORDAN S. RUBIN...

    I am certainly no DOCTOR. Only the Lord can truly use medicine to heal in his will. But every time I am browsing at Barnes and Noble I always study this book and its contents and think of you and Stephen. I don't know if he has already sought the "healing diet" that is proposed in this book and thought to reverse the symptoms (weight loss being the main and visible one) or not but I feel God prompting me to show it.

    Aside from that I will pray! And my heart is really heavy for what you guys must be experiencing. All I can really say is that we serve a GOD who truly knows what is best for his children despite the outlook. I pray that His will would be done and that all Glory would be given to Him. I pray for you guys to grow stronger in Christ and to just grow more and more in Love with one another. He is our strength and He will not leave you guys.

    I seriously want to cry. I don't know why.

    I miss you.


  3. oh two are definitely in my thoughts and prayers danica!