April 22, 2011

The Simple Woman Day Book

that I can manage to clean and organize my room once and for all next week!

that Stephen and I are going to have a lot fun today at church for "Journey To The Cross". This is the first time in my adult walk that I've truly understood the overwhelming power of the cross. It's much more real to me now that I'm older and spiritually mature.

I'm learning that God is always good and He is worthy of praise even when things aren't "going our way". This past week has been nothing but blessings and turn arounds.

The encouraging music of Tenth Avenue North.

to Journey of The Cross this afternoon, Easter service with my family on Sunday, first day of work on Monday and our first baseball game of the season! Hooray!

I'm trying to "un-create" messes if you will. My room is an utter disaster and piles of clothes that need to be hung and organized. Kill me now!

was spending quality time with Stephen this week! We went on a bike ride to dinner, jacuzzi, movies and making dinner together. What an awesome week. :)

Home made tea party with my Legacy Bible Study

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