April 30, 2011

preschool teacher crazy

So it's been a week and the hours have flown by like breeze. I'm having a blast even when the classrooms are chaotic... was meant to have this type of career. I love every second of it and even though I'm making nothing...it's worth it to me. I remember when I was younger something very odd that was comforting to me was seeing the Teacher mugs, and stickers and what now. I loved going up to her desk and looking at all her Teacher nick-nacks. Seems weird I know but the more I think about my childhood even I know this is really what God designed me to do. Anyways, I found this website that sells all types of T-shirts and things for teachers. Here are some cute examples of what they have-and what I want! I obviously wouldn't wear this out unless it was preschool or a quick trip to Disney Land ( I still have the fashionista/hair stylist in me some where, I won't walk around like a granny 0 but anyhow...I thought these were super cute! I want them! :)

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far! Stay blessed.


  1. so precious. ha ha. I definitely think working with kids is a calling. Not all are equipped for such a beautiful role. Glad your enjoying your job girl :)


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