April 23, 2011

Our Journey to the Cross

I have been a Christian for sixteen years and have never experienced so much growth in my whole life. I am twenty-one and this is the first time I've truly been moved and touched by Easter. I don't know if it's because I've grown spiritually or if I'm old enough now to really understand grace, the cross and forgiveness-but wow. My Good Friday was amazing.

My church did this thing called "Journey To The Cross" which was basically like a hands on walk through as a reminder to our hearts and all our senses to comprehend what the meaning of the cross is. You are given a booklet that is kind of like a script where you are prompted to do activities, look at something, smell something and or read scriptures it lists before you continue. Here is an example of the last stop's script: here. They had everything from the scene of trouble in the temple, to the last supper table, the road when Jesus enters Jerusalem and the event of where the disciples fall asleep in the garden when Jesus needed them most. After each stop there is also a reflection page were you can journal and reflect the meaning of the stop and the passage. For example at one stop ( towards the end of the journey ) we were prompted to write a psalm to God and wrap it around a rosemary stalk and drop it in the fire. We stood and smelt the aroma of the rosemary and prayed the words of our thanksgiving.

If that doesn't sound meaningful and symbolic enough....my favorite stop was the sin pebbles. It was towards the back of the sanctuary were they set up a small maze of pots with pebbles and attached to the pot was a large sign of several sins. One sign had lust, jealousy, hatred, worry etc and for each one or many sins that you felt convicted to you bend down and picked up some pebbles ( as many as you felt fit ) and put them in a small brown paper bag. Through out the stops we held onto our little sin pebbles until one of the last stops where we were prompted to walk to the front of the sanctuary and drop our sin pebbles in front of the cross. I shed a tear as I saw all the small brown paper bags under the cross-my church families sins, regrets and struggles under the cross just as mine were. We were not supposed to talk through out the journey and Steve and I were looking at each other with the most sorrowful facial expression but still marked by joy.

It was really unexplainable and I can't form into words how powerful it was to both of us.Steve and I finished the journey and waked to the car in silence. We smiled and I said, "we just found ourselves a new family tradition". We sat there, still and moved by the whole experience and cried a little as he told me this was the first Easter he's been touched by as well. He explained how thankful he was for me, the woman of his dreams that Jesus had dropped in his lap. I was still in shock at the experience and overwhelmed by the holy spirit I couldn't really focus my thoughts but just felt so comforted and over joyed at how much my Savior first loved me. He died for me and continues to pour out blessings- now, I have my precious Stephen. Who makes loving and understanding Jesus even more real for me. I've experienced unconditional love from my Savior and now from my future husband. Life couldn't be any better this Easter. That's the motion of mercy.


  1. :).
    i love you.
    This was a great post.
    I love hearing how GOD is moving and revealing Himself in the lives of my sisters and brothers around me. It just shows me more and more how involved, how powerful, real, GRACIOUS, forgiving, merciful, just, providing, sacred, holy, and perfect our God is. HE IS REAL and LIVING and our faith is not in VAIN.

    love you darling!

  2. Wow. This is such a beautiful post. I agree with Cheche...it is SO incouraging to hear about how God is working in lives. Have a blessed day!

  3. Sierra Myers :)May 9, 2011 at 1:17 PM

    WOW! This is super random but I saw a link for your blog on facebook and I thought I should check it out!This was absolutely beautiful. I am just not starting to find my faith and I went to an easter outreach with my boyfriend and his family (who are all devoted christians) and I was moved. Near the end of the pastor's sermon he asked for those who needed Jesus to come into their lives or those who have strayed away from the church to come up to the stage. My boyfriend and I looked at each other and in front of hundreds we walked up and stood there. There were only 7 or 8 others with us, but we did not feel ashamed or embarrassed. It was a wonderful experience.

    Hope to speak to ya soon!