April 15, 2011

On The Road With Love Birds: SEATTLE BABY!


  1. i like the details and photo borders. Do you have a program that you use to do that? And how do you get those words to go across the pictures like a banner. I love that!!


    p.s I dunno about that large troll...

  2. awesome pictures! it looks like such an awesome trip! :)

  3. Che- I think I commented back on your blog but I can't remember. haha But if not I use a website called fotoflexer which allows you to mesh borders together like photoshop but it's free!

    Jazzy- Thank you, glad you enjoyed them. :)

    Arielle- Thank you! It was awesome, wish we could go again NOW.

  4. That looks like such a fun trip! That troll was totally in 10 Things I hate About You. I didn't know it was in Seattle!

  5. Sam- I didn't know that was in that movie..I want to see it now!