April 6, 2011

A New Chapter- Can I Get An Amen?

I wanted to share with you that I got the job at Mariners Church Preschool! I'm still in shock that God blessed me with a job that I am passionate about where I can use my God given talents and serve Him at the same time! I am officially a Teacher Aid for the Angelfish/Starfish room-how cute is that! I will be starting part-time so I can go back to school and get my Child Development credits which will also help me move up in the school and I'll get paid more. ( Umm, yes that would be good. Eckhem. ) But even if the pay is horrible- I'm eternally grateful and I can't wait to at least make some money again so I can help out Stephen with the savings and get back on track with my gas, insurance and everything that I hate talking about. I'm excited to start school this summer and my worries are slowly deteriorating with the help of prayer , patience and trust in the Lord that He will provide. It's always been a lot easier said then done for me. I never really grasped what it meant to really trust Him. To be still, to really be still. To let things go. Here is verse that I've been praying over:

So excited and happy for this new chapter and guess what?! My Grandma on my Dad's side offered to pay for my wedding dress!!! Can you believe that?! I have a wonderful fiance, I got a job and I'm getting a free wedding dress, and the Lord is good and I love run on sentences-can I get an amen?! Woo!

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