April 25, 2011

my first day of being a preschool teacher aid

I had a blast and enjoyed working in a Christian environment for the first time! They had a white board in the office with a huge "Welcome Danica" "Danica stars today" with hearts...a nice locker, home made carrot cake and lots of big warm hugs. I've never worked amongst Christians before and it's very rewarding so far. I love the teachers lounge because their is scripture everywhere and it is so comforting to me. I grew up in a Christian school and it was the most fondest memories I've ever had of my schooling. The smells and sounds of school, the learning of scripture and being surrounded by the Lord was something I always secretly loved in elementary school...funny how now I'm a teacher aid. And this whole time I thought I could try and fool myself by being a snotty, stylish crazed, gossiping hair stylist. Ehh...I rather change diapers and sing A B C's. ;) I had an awesome first day. :) Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts. Love you all!

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  1. your so amazing. I can't imagine how peaceful it must have been to come to a new job and receive such a beautiful and warm welcome from your new peers. I want to hear more about the job though as well!! Mariners Church is huge. I've never attended but some kids from my college attend their and they seem to be on fire and loving Christ :). Love you Danica...


    p.s. You look gorgeous in your picture! Are you going to let your hair grow? How beautiful.