April 12, 2011

Disney Land Collages

This is one of Steve's favorite pictures of me when I was little! It's sort of an inside joke he calls "Danica loves Disney Land" that describes the facial expression...I tried to duplicate it last night but I seemed to forget it was popcorn not a lolly-pop...oh well...I will definitely try and duplicate it again because it was too funny. :)


  1. so what happened to the popcorn?? lol I am so confused. You are so cute btw DANICA! Your face is just beautiful!!! ahhh And you have GREAT LIPS. I'm glad you have been having so much fun with Stephen and also with your girls baking and hanging out. :). miss youuuuu!!!


  2. That is a fabulous picture! I love the faces that kids make.

  3. The second picture made me giggle. :)
    And feel free to reblog my post! Share this new found revelation with the world! Who knows, maybe we can stop this catastrophe from continuing?!?!?


  4. A bargain is a bargain.