April 8, 2011

breakfast, what a delight

I loove breakfast! Could have breakfast for lunch and dinner no questions asked. Something so comforting and filling about it! It makes me sad that I always just have cereal in the morning but back in old days ( 1960's and down I presume ) had very hearty breakfasts! Women would serve their families toast, eggs, ham, oatmeal and all the things we should be eating for breakfast! If you think breakfast is a granola bar and a glass of OJ....I feel very sorry for you and I hope this pictures arouse your taste buds and you have a hearty breakfast soon! Mhmmm. Toast and eggs.

P.S I think maybe women back in the 1950's were smaller too because they ate big breakfast and didn't eat bad things for snacks, lunch and dinner later. Make sense?


  1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I agree that it's lovely.

    I notice there's an "egg in a basket" among those pictures, love that! Haven't made it in a while but it used to be my favorite.

  2. One of my first blogposts I posted the recipe, hope this helps;)
    And sometimes you might want to put a little butter in the hole too, but only if the pan isn't greasy enough already after you've already fried the bread.

  3. haha your so cute. I could eat pancakes and waffles and biscuits at any time. I enjoy a tasty breakfast! mmm delicious looking photos!! Congrats on being able to get your dress paid for :)!! You are going to look soooo beautiful Danica :)