March 30, 2011

Time Capsule Wednesday: Back To The Future

Early 1990's at Grandma's old house in Huntington Beach.

This is a little bit different than my usual Time Capsule photos but I wanted to share it because I'm amazed at how God works differently in each family member and looking back at this photo and thinking about everyone leaves me in awe to think of how long it really has been since we've all been together as a family. How people grow up and people move and yet, we are still family. :)

One@ Grandpa DeHoop. Now in his early 80's. Still working in the construction business and still evangelizing any time he can even though he is almost completely incapable. Still makes me laugh with his dry jokes and teasing Grandma.

Two@ Grandma DeHoop. Still the best nag I've ever known in my whole life. In her early 80's now, still the best cook I've ever known in my whole life. Still makes gorgeous paintings and has her own little studio in the house.

Three@ Uncle Bill. The oldest son of Grandma and Grandpa. Married to Tami who is probably taking the picture. Lives in WA with his whole family. ( Except us )

Four@ My Mommy! The second and last child of my Grandma and Grandpa. Mom was born 9 1/2 years after Bill...the same age difference between me and my sister Tasmin. Married to my Daddy Rich who isn't in this picture.

Five@ Kenny. Now married to an awesome woman named Angie ( who is one of my bridesmaids ) and has two small children Aubrey and Hudson and one in the oven at this very moment! His name will be Silas.

Six@ Michelle. Married to an awesome godly man named Ryan. Has one daughter named Heidi and one also in the oven and his name is going to be Hanson or something..I don't know..something with an "H".

Seven@ Me! I was probably like five or six in this picture. Anyways, I am now engaged and looking for apartments with my fiance. Looking to be a preschool teacher and get married sometime next year.

Eight@ Alyssa. Is now 20 ( yikes! ) and is working at Starbucks and working her way up to a management position. Doesn't have a boyfriend yet but has her eye on someone Angie picked out ( so he has to be a catch. ) hehe.

Nine@ Jake. Now in high school with a girlfriend of two years. Athlete. Typical popular guy in school but with an awesome heart and a good head on his shoulders.

So! Here is my family from a very long time ago. Still, so strange to me how fast time goes and that you really have to savor every moment with your family because you never realize they could be gone in a flash. Although I hardly see them anymore ( because they are all in WA ) these memories are very close to my heart. :)

P.S I also find it captivating how this photo is set up. No one takes pictures like this anymore...the whole family gathered up in front of the just seems like something of the past that isn't really done anymore. I think if I tried to gather my family up and take a picture in front of our door or garage they would think I'm insane. haha.


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