March 17, 2011

Picked My Brides Maids Today!

I got the cute sign idea from A Beautiful Mess: Red Velvet but put my own little spin on it. :)

There are seven of them so I only shared a couple with you...they all happily accepted and it's getting very surreal for me right now. I'm not really sure what to do next but I'm letting God lead me in this wedding planning. ( Like my friend Che wisely suggested ). As crazy as that seems it's so true! I'm not as worried and stressed out and I honestly know God will provide the money for the wedding and everything will fall into place.

P.S I'm going wedding gown shopping for fun this weekend with some of my brides maids!!! Brides maids. Is my new favorite word.


  1. Such a cute way to ask!! I bet its all becoming very real now :)

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I am so excited Danica. oH MY WORD! Your going to have so much fun picking your dress! I'm blessed to know you and I'm so proud of how much this season is allowing you to cling to the LORD even more. I was listening to a pastor say something on the radio today "God will take away everything from us but HE never takes HIMSELF AWAY from us." Meaning even when we are broke and desolate as believers GOD still shows us who HE is and He is the God that never changes. So know that! and be gorgeous and amazing and blessed. :)... yayyyy for bridesmaids woowoo


  3. YOU ARE SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love the way you asked! And the ivy on the wall behind you is so pretty, too; it reminds me of the castle from Beauty and the Beast, which then reminds me of romance and magical relationships, which then brings me back to YOU! Oh, this is all so exciting!! I can only imagine how you, the bride-to-be, would feel! Picking out your gown is going to be so much fun! Did I mention how excited I am for you?? :)

    Loving you dearly,

  4. I can't express how much encouragement and love I'm feeling from all three of you!!! Each and every one of you make me smile so wide my jaw hurts. You girls are such a blessing to me and I'm honored I get to share my experiences with you on blogger. <3 Yay! I'm excited!

  5. P.S The ivy wall is in my backyard. I love that wall. It has always been magical even if know one else knows it except you and I Anh!! haha