March 10, 2011

On The Road With Love Birds: By The Lake


  1. That is one MASSIVE leaf! I'm not sure why but whenever I see stuff in nature that is abnormally large, I call it Jurassic. So that, my love, is a Jurassic leaf. :)
    Also, the flowers are SUPER easy to make. Just stencil around a nickel on a piece of felt, cut out five of them. Pinch them in half and put a stitch through the bottom half. Once you have them all on the string, pull it tight and tie a not. Voila! :)


  2. aww this reminds me of my LAKEWALKS around the lake by the dollar theatre!!! You guys are so adorable doing photo shoots. I can't believe your getting married!!! lol These pictures of you guys just keep clarifying the fact that you will soon be one full functioning LOVE FILLED unit!! isn't that just the sweetest thing. I'm going to cry...