March 30, 2011

Time Capsule Wednesday: Back To The Future

Early 1990's at Grandma's old house in Huntington Beach.

This is a little bit different than my usual Time Capsule photos but I wanted to share it because I'm amazed at how God works differently in each family member and looking back at this photo and thinking about everyone leaves me in awe to think of how long it really has been since we've all been together as a family. How people grow up and people move and yet, we are still family. :)

One@ Grandpa DeHoop. Now in his early 80's. Still working in the construction business and still evangelizing any time he can even though he is almost completely incapable. Still makes me laugh with his dry jokes and teasing Grandma.

Two@ Grandma DeHoop. Still the best nag I've ever known in my whole life. In her early 80's now, still the best cook I've ever known in my whole life. Still makes gorgeous paintings and has her own little studio in the house.

Three@ Uncle Bill. The oldest son of Grandma and Grandpa. Married to Tami who is probably taking the picture. Lives in WA with his whole family. ( Except us )

Four@ My Mommy! The second and last child of my Grandma and Grandpa. Mom was born 9 1/2 years after Bill...the same age difference between me and my sister Tasmin. Married to my Daddy Rich who isn't in this picture.

Five@ Kenny. Now married to an awesome woman named Angie ( who is one of my bridesmaids ) and has two small children Aubrey and Hudson and one in the oven at this very moment! His name will be Silas.

Six@ Michelle. Married to an awesome godly man named Ryan. Has one daughter named Heidi and one also in the oven and his name is going to be Hanson or something..I don't know..something with an "H".

Seven@ Me! I was probably like five or six in this picture. Anyways, I am now engaged and looking for apartments with my fiance. Looking to be a preschool teacher and get married sometime next year.

Eight@ Alyssa. Is now 20 ( yikes! ) and is working at Starbucks and working her way up to a management position. Doesn't have a boyfriend yet but has her eye on someone Angie picked out ( so he has to be a catch. ) hehe.

Nine@ Jake. Now in high school with a girlfriend of two years. Athlete. Typical popular guy in school but with an awesome heart and a good head on his shoulders.

So! Here is my family from a very long time ago. Still, so strange to me how fast time goes and that you really have to savor every moment with your family because you never realize they could be gone in a flash. Although I hardly see them anymore ( because they are all in WA ) these memories are very close to my heart. :)

P.S I also find it captivating how this photo is set up. No one takes pictures like this anymore...the whole family gathered up in front of the just seems like something of the past that isn't really done anymore. I think if I tried to gather my family up and take a picture in front of our door or garage they would think I'm insane. haha.


March 29, 2011

On The Road With Love Birds: Last Night of Silly

Boy, I still miss these little rascals. Only a few days with Stephen's sister and her family in Washington-I was Auntie Danica and couldn't be happier. I teared up as the kids said bye to me the following morning ( after these photos were taken ) and my heart seriously sunk to the floor knowing the little ones wouldn't remember me by our next visit. But anyhow, as much as I was sad to leave...our next leg of our Washington trip was just ahead! Now for two days in the Seattle area with my family! ( Pictures yet to come! I'm almost done with this Washington trip series...can't wait! )


March 26, 2011

Calm and Quiet

Had a beautiful Saturday morning at my Legacy Bible Study and got some great fellowship and discussion time. Had a wonderful lunch: Strawberry spinach salad with candied pecans, Irish stew, home made Irish soda bread with currents and home made cheesecake. Had a wonderful drive home at a lovely 65 degrees listening to Kari Jobe. *sigh* Can't all days be like these?

March 24, 2011

Eyes of a Chickadee

If you like raw, beautiful folk will love this song and the way it's done. The sound of birds in the background always makes for a wonderful folk song as well. I've listened to this song 5 times in a row now. I know you'll love it as much as I do. Turn up the volume, close your eyes and. Enjoy. :)

March 23, 2011

One Year Anniversary!

So I'm happy to share with you all that Stephen and I had our first year anniversary last night! He took me to Medieval Times where they have an authentic Medieval dinner ( besides Pepsi ) but anyhow with no utensils!! Yes, I said no utensils and you only get one napkin through the whole 4 course meal. I wasn't too delighted in the fact that I hate being messy but all in all I had a blast and I ended up having fun digging my fingers through ribs and chicken...yum! There was jousting, fighting, games and fun entertainment with horses doing special trots, walks and tricks ( they were soo cute! ). Stephen also bought me a beautiful princess jewel crown thing which I will wear the next time I go to Disney Land no doubt. He also bought himself a green crown which suited him very well as opposed to the flimsy paper ones they gave us. I love how Stephen is the kind of man that splurges on unnecessary things just to make the evening more pleasurable and fun. He really is something else. It seems very un interesting to you I'm sure but I really do love that about him. Because believe me, there is nothing more horrible then to go to the movies and not be able to get popcorn and candy, or going to Disney Land and not getting the candy apple and the Minnie Ears, you know? I'm he will be the kind of Dad ( one day ) that will unfold at his child's face and say yes to the Light Saber toy at Disney Land or yes to the Princess Crown at Medieval Times. :) He's just wonderful like that. We had a blast and I can't wait to go back some day! But all Medieval-ness aside...I can't believe it's already been a whole year that we've been a couple. Seems like yesterday we were sitting on the beach and he asked me to be his girlfriend. We've done so much together and I'm completely in awe of all that God has crafted within us. Truly amazing if I don't say so myself. Gee. Anyways, here is a goofy picture of us before we entered the castle. ;)

Have a wonderful end of the week! And by the way....I have a second interview for the Christian Preschool I want to work at! Please pray that God will be at hand and get me this job! God knows how desperately we need it.

Time Capsule Wednesday: Night On The Train


March 17, 2011

Picked My Brides Maids Today!

I got the cute sign idea from A Beautiful Mess: Red Velvet but put my own little spin on it. :)

There are seven of them so I only shared a couple with you...they all happily accepted and it's getting very surreal for me right now. I'm not really sure what to do next but I'm letting God lead me in this wedding planning. ( Like my friend Che wisely suggested ). As crazy as that seems it's so true! I'm not as worried and stressed out and I honestly know God will provide the money for the wedding and everything will fall into place.

P.S I'm going wedding gown shopping for fun this weekend with some of my brides maids!!! Brides maids. Is my new favorite word.

Happy St.Patrick's Day Everyone!

March 16, 2011


Time Capsule Wednesday: Suburbia

Early 1970's.

Showing off the new car in the neighborhood. Reminds me of The Wonder Years. Doesn't it?

March 15, 2011

Do I?

Do I still have hope that God will provide for Stephen and I?

I think, yes. :)

March 14, 2011

Clueless Bride

When I ask anyone when I should do something or how for example:
"When do I take engagement pictures? Do I have enough time to loose weight?"

"I don't neeed to loose that much right? I don't think I'm thaat chubby. Yea, who cares."

"When do I ask my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids?"

"What time does it have to start and end?"

"I can't decide on colors, do you think yellow is okay?"

Good grief! People look at me exasperated and just simply say, "How the hell should I know, it's your wedding."
I thought because I was so young I would automatically have my mom holding my hand every step of the way and telling me what to do. I thought anybody would tell me what to do and when to do them. I've never been married ( obviously ) and all the weddings I've been to I was too young to care or remember. I have a membership to The Knot which is an awesome website but I quickly feel overwhelmed by all the information and ideas and I don't know where to start. I got the announcing engagement, date and venue figured out so far but I have no idea about anything else. I like soft, dainty colors but I can't seem to stick to one idea. I know for sure I want a Parisian country look but there are so many different types of that theme I'm just lost!

Maybe it's hard right now because we don't have enough money yet to actually start buying, creating and you think that's the problem? I have no idea if I'm doing this right. I feel like it will be January 2012 and I will have nothing done on time. And don't get me wrong. I'm not stressed-I have fun planning and thinking about what I want but I'm just overwhelmed at all the different ideas, how and when to do things. I'm basically terrified and clueless about time tables. Does that make sense? And I'm sure no one is reading this rant, but if you are....give me advice on some time tables! Please!?

March 9, 2011

Time Capsule Wednesday: Great Salt Lake

Summer of 1942

"One of Mom and Dad's three trips across the country in the summer of 1942." Credit here<-

March 8, 2011

Moving To Tumblr

But not permanently. I've been a little bored with blogspot so I shall be posting occasionally on tumblr. Don't worry though...this is my home and I will always post on here- But if you do have a tumblr account...please follow me or let me know so I can follow you!Here is my link!