February 12, 2011

Stephen, will you be my Valentine?

So Valentines Day is coming up and both Stephen and I have absolutely no money to spend on extra things. ( Presents, flowers or dinner would fall under the extra category ). Car parts, getting the car fixed, payments on tickets and getting money together for things for our party has been on my mind latley. This will be my first real Valentines Day and I wish we could do something great but I'm afraid real life has to be taken care of first. It's funny that this is only our first Valentines Day and we are both chickens with our heads cut off right now! Hopefully we can get these things out of the way and have dinner or something. I still have no idea if I can get him anything...a home made Valentine would have to do. That's what they did in the ole' days right? I saw this cute vintage valentine on graphic fairy's website and nearly melted.

(image from graphic fairy)

I desperately wish it could be 1950 and Stephen slips this into my locker at school....and then a week later we go "steady" and I wear his jacket as a symbol of his commitment. Of course..I do have a diamond ring to show his commitment but I love how simple love seemed in those days. Just plain old fashioned love. That actually reminds me of one of me and Stephen's songs from the Everly Brother's called "That's Old Fashioned". It describes us perfectly and I hope to put it on the CD we will give to our wedding guests. But all this aside-I love Stephen with all my heart and I hope he doesn't feel pressured to make our first Valentines Day a big smash. All I could want is a snuggle at the movies or going for ice-cream :)

"We hold hands in the movie show

So they say that were old fashioned

Or we stroll beneath the silvery moon,

And we carve our initials in the old oak tree

Thats old fashioned, thats the way love should be"


  1. love that song!!! you guys are precious :). I think that the old fashion LOOK is where it belongs. I love the fully clothed yet beautiful womens Fashion of that day. I like the fitted waist and appropriateness of it all. Men expected to be men and treat Women as such. Soooo precious...


  2. lovely post, dear!♥ belated happy v-day!

  3. I just happened to come your website. Your website is very cute and full of love. I enjoyed very much.
    - Rie from Japan :)