February 10, 2011

On The Road with Love Birds: Camas, WA

So this is the first part of the new series...I'm almost overwhelmed by the amount of super cute pictures we took. ( This is why I chose to do a series. )This was the boring batch but I can't wait to show you photos of Prosser and Seattle. I had such a great time meeting his Uncle Gary and Aunt Sandi...we stayed with them for the first part of our trip. Sandi is big on pictures and I enjoyed seeing her photo albums of Stephen's family back in the day. She has a beautiful country house which was built in the 1900's. I wanted to take some pictures of the house but we were only there for two nights and I forgot. Bummer! Anyways, we had a blast with them and we really enjoyed Camas...Stephen and I agreed that if and when we move to WA it will be in the southern part. :)
Our First Day In Camas

We finished the nature walk and I couldn't believe that Aunt Sandi was way in front of us the whole time. Well, maybe that's because Stephen and I would stop every now and then and smooch. hehe. My fondest memories were in Camas and I can't explain how crisp the air is and how it fills my lungs. Seeing the cold air overtake everything and being in a small town makes me feel at home. I also love that Camas has somewhat of a CA vibe...things are opened later...they have a Target, PayLess Shoes and common CA restaurants nearby....couldn't get any better than that! The best of both worlds in Camas. Can't wait to visit again. :)


  1. ya'll are so precious! I love the pictures. Don't think I could be a Washington girl with that cold looking weather but I'm glad you guys were blessed and enjoyed the trip in Camas!! Love you sis


  2. The cold is so refreshing though!! Waay nicer than feeling hot and sticky!

  3. Just discovered your blog through Arielle! Love your photos!