February 16, 2011

On The Road With Love Birds: Along the Columbia River Part 2

This segment of our trip is when we drove from Camas, WA to Prosser, WA with Uncle Gary and Aunt Sandi to visit Stephen's sister Amy and her 5 kids! She just had a newborn and we were so excited to meet her. Along the way we stopped at The Dalles and went antique shopping where Steve secretly got me my Valentine's Day present. The thing I love most about Uncle Gary and Aunt Sandi is that they are just as much love birds as Steve and I are. We actually picked up a new trick called "Red Barn". ( I should have taken a picture but these pictures will have to do. ) Every time Uncle Gary or Aunt Sandi would see a red barn on the road they would kiss each other. Isn't that adorable?! Uncle Gary smirked and said, "might as well teach these youngster's a thing or two about love." So inevitably-Stephen and I started "The Red Barn". We've decided to keep it a tradition and we will tell our kids it came from The Alex's. :)

Uncle Gary stopped for a photo opp ( he's a pretty good tour guide) and we got a picture with Mt. Rainier in the background! It was surprisingly a clear day and it was so beautiful to drive through. We also stopped a Greek monastery which smelt really bazaar haha. They got some authentic Greek deserts and pastries and Steve and I got skittles. Yea, we are so adventurous. But my favorite part of this road trip with The Alex's...I touched snow for the first time!!! Uncle Gary stopped by the side of the road when he saw some and let me squeal in it for awhile. Aunt Sandi was looking at me like I was crazy because it wasn't very much at all haha. But when you put an Orange County born girl who's from a nature-sque family into SNOW you are going to get some giddiness.

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