February 23, 2011

The more I understand myself...

The more people stop following my blog. If everyone blogged only for sponsors, followers, give-a-ways and publicity...the true art and fun of blogging would not exist. I don't have anything against that stuff but I used to be kind of sad whenever someone stopped following me but not anymore. The more comfortable I get with my blog and the more I make it "me" the less people like it. I love that. Go ahead and click the unfollow button...I don't care about you anyways. :)


  1. I appreciate this. It shows maturity. However, I refuse to click the unfollow button! :)

  2. So very true. No worries, love. I'm still following. :)

  3. My Blog is for me and the LORD and to (prayerfully) witness to others the great privilege and blessing it is to be saved. I could care less about the numbers but whenever someone does follow me I know that it's the Lord drawing Him in. Who cares who's reading!! This is OUR getaway from the world. Trying to please mankind and run a blog about ourselves will only promote anxieties. LOVE YOU GIRL!!! I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG TOO :)...

  4. Jennifer-Thank you! Anyway, I do apreciate the followers I do have. :)

    Beth-I will always follow you no matter what. ;)

    Che-So true. Your blog is like a full on ministry! If I was the writer of your blog I'd be praising God every time someone followed! My blog is just personal babble. haha

  5. I like following you eventhough the rest stops. I blog because I want to find comfort in finding people who think the way I am. Not that I don't receive critique, but I think after the whole mess in the world, sometimes I need time to breathe. Don't you?

    God Bless you Danica:)