February 20, 2011

Being "Sixy" and 21

It is my twenty first birthday today and I'm still as sick as a dog. I had to miss out on Disney Land, the first day of Legacy and teaching Sunday School this week. Stephen came over last night and I had been in bed all day sneezing and sleeping and the guy made me dinner and snuggled with me to watch That Thing You Do. I hate being sick but Stephen thinks I'm so cute when I am. I haven't showered and I'm bloated and my skin is all whacked out and I'm wearing five layers, glasses on, hair up and he thinks its just adorable. Why? I don't get it. He started calling me "Sixy" last night. Because I'm still sexy but I'm sick. Funny, right? I didn't think it was funny at first but it's starting to grow on me. So I'm sixy-right on. I'll take it as a compliment-my man still thinks I'm gorgeous when I'm clearly not. ha-ha. I'm not doing any better so I guess I will have to load up on Dayquil and muster up the strength to go to dinner with my family tonight. I have been craving Spaghetti Factory's mizithra cheese pasta with brown butter since I went with Aunt Sandi and Stephen in WA and I'm not missing out on that! But for now, I'm waiting for myself to decide if I want to get ready now or go back to sleep. Stephen is at home and I said I would call him once I woke up so he can come eat bagels with me for my birthday. *sigh* I want a bagel. But I'm still tired. Oh, decisions.

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