February 23, 2011

On The Road With Love Birds: Downtown Prosser

So what is there to do in Prosser? Not much. But they have a super cute downtown area which has of course antique shops, coffee shops and some off the wall shops that were just plain silly. Amy and Aaron's church is right down the street and it just felt so weird to be so close to everything. They had his parents, brother, pastor and much more in the same neighborhood. Everyone knows each other and their kids and dogs names. It's sorta creepy but sorta cute- I don't know if I could live in such a small town but it was very quaint and I loved visiting. Stephen and I had fun just the two of us taking pictures and messing around. We shortly met his family at the restaurant at the end of the street for lunch and of course everyone in the restaurant lived in the same neighborhood too! Well, not exactly I'm just teasing. Anyway, here are some of the photos Steve and I took before lunch.

The more I understand myself...

The more people stop following my blog. If everyone blogged only for sponsors, followers, give-a-ways and publicity...the true art and fun of blogging would not exist. I don't have anything against that stuff but I used to be kind of sad whenever someone stopped following me but not anymore. The more comfortable I get with my blog and the more I make it "me" the less people like it. I love that. Go ahead and click the unfollow button...I don't care about you anyways. :)

February 21, 2011

Nothing Short of Magical

I got some money on itunes for my birthday and got the newest A Fine Frenzy album! I had been wanting it since it came out and I finally got my ears and hands on it! :) I have loved A Fine Frenzy since the first time I saw her on a late night show before she was super famous....she is just magnificent. By far on of my favorite artists for life. Her style, her demeanor, her imagination, her poetry. *Sigh* I wish I was her-but what girl doesn't want to be her? Hope you had a good day and I shall see you soon.

February 20, 2011

Being "Sixy" and 21

It is my twenty first birthday today and I'm still as sick as a dog. I had to miss out on Disney Land, the first day of Legacy and teaching Sunday School this week. Stephen came over last night and I had been in bed all day sneezing and sleeping and the guy made me dinner and snuggled with me to watch That Thing You Do. I hate being sick but Stephen thinks I'm so cute when I am. I haven't showered and I'm bloated and my skin is all whacked out and I'm wearing five layers, glasses on, hair up and he thinks its just adorable. Why? I don't get it. He started calling me "Sixy" last night. Because I'm still sexy but I'm sick. Funny, right? I didn't think it was funny at first but it's starting to grow on me. So I'm sixy-right on. I'll take it as a compliment-my man still thinks I'm gorgeous when I'm clearly not. ha-ha. I'm not doing any better so I guess I will have to load up on Dayquil and muster up the strength to go to dinner with my family tonight. I have been craving Spaghetti Factory's mizithra cheese pasta with brown butter since I went with Aunt Sandi and Stephen in WA and I'm not missing out on that! But for now, I'm waiting for myself to decide if I want to get ready now or go back to sleep. Stephen is at home and I said I would call him once I woke up so he can come eat bagels with me for my birthday. *sigh* I want a bagel. But I'm still tired. Oh, decisions.

February 19, 2011

On The Road with Love Birds: My Amazing "Future" Family

First of all I put future in parentheses because technically they are not my family but they certainly are! Amy is Stephen's eldest sister who lives in Prosser Washington with her hubby and her now five children. Here is a picture of all the kids so you get the idea how adorable they are ( minus the new little one ).

I felt so at home and I couldn't believe how fast the kids grew to love me. Within five minutes of me arriving the girls were in my suitcase pulling out my shoes and being mesmerized by my hair-stuff and make up. And within ten minutes they were all calling me Auntie Danica. ( I've never had anything melt my heart as much as those two words, seriously. ) Stephen and I also had a blast because his mom Peggy was there. We hadn't seen her since (here) after our San Francisco trip! I know we are not married yet but I consider them my family already-I've met his sister once before this trip and his mom a few times before but we are none short of "I love yous" and "wish you were heres". I miss his parents a lot almost like if they were my own. Spending time with his family was such a great experience and I really miss Amy's house a lot. I love being in a house where God is present....Amy is a lot like how I picture myself being a mom-she's awesome. ( And if your reading this Amy...I love you and your an inspiration to me! )I miss all the kids running around and pulling on my shirt and asking me to play with them. I miss holding in laughter as the girls get in trouble for fighting with each other over who gets to set next to me at dinner. I miss Sophie's adorable eyes that squint when she smiles and Gabe's high pitched voice when he whines. Doesn't sound like much of a vacation but it was heart warming and comfortable to spend so much time with his family.

P.S I have no idea why all these pictures are off balance but I don't care enough to try and figure out how to fix it. :) And sisters- Please pray that my health will improve! I'm currently missing the Legacy bible study I've waited two months for on account of me being sick. It is also my 21st birthday tomorrow and our engagement party is on Monday as well! Oh Lord, please help me feel better!

February 16, 2011

Time Capsule Wednesday: Strike A Pose

August 1970

On The Road With Love Birds: Along the Columbia River Part 2

This segment of our trip is when we drove from Camas, WA to Prosser, WA with Uncle Gary and Aunt Sandi to visit Stephen's sister Amy and her 5 kids! She just had a newborn and we were so excited to meet her. Along the way we stopped at The Dalles and went antique shopping where Steve secretly got me my Valentine's Day present. The thing I love most about Uncle Gary and Aunt Sandi is that they are just as much love birds as Steve and I are. We actually picked up a new trick called "Red Barn". ( I should have taken a picture but these pictures will have to do. ) Every time Uncle Gary or Aunt Sandi would see a red barn on the road they would kiss each other. Isn't that adorable?! Uncle Gary smirked and said, "might as well teach these youngster's a thing or two about love." So inevitably-Stephen and I started "The Red Barn". We've decided to keep it a tradition and we will tell our kids it came from The Alex's. :)

Uncle Gary stopped for a photo opp ( he's a pretty good tour guide) and we got a picture with Mt. Rainier in the background! It was surprisingly a clear day and it was so beautiful to drive through. We also stopped a Greek monastery which smelt really bazaar haha. They got some authentic Greek deserts and pastries and Steve and I got skittles. Yea, we are so adventurous. But my favorite part of this road trip with The Alex's...I touched snow for the first time!!! Uncle Gary stopped by the side of the road when he saw some and let me squeal in it for awhile. Aunt Sandi was looking at me like I was crazy because it wasn't very much at all haha. But when you put an Orange County born girl who's from a nature-sque family into SNOW you are going to get some giddiness.

February 15, 2011

My Antique Valentine!

My wonderful Valentine picked me up from work ( which is always more fun than driving myself ) and took me home to a wonderfully old surprise! An antique Valentine probably made in the 1940's? ( judging by the hair in the drawing ) and a cute bouquet of pink Tulips. Isn't he a doll?!

He purchased the antique Valentine in secret in one of the antique shops we passed through in The Dalles, Oregon. That sneaky guy! So several hugs and kisses and then we went to Claim Jumpers for dinner. Two 10 ounce steaks later we went for a walk at the beach. I think ten other guys had the same idea so we sat for awhile and talked and went on our way. :) It's such a good feeling to know that so many people love you! I'm truly blessed and I couldn't ask for anything better. Best Valentines Day ever!

P.S Do any of you have a Wii and use Wii Fit Plus? I gt it for a Valentine's Day present from my parents and it's so cool! I love the flying like a bird game....although I probably look like a psycho because you have to stand on the Wii board and flap your arms like a bird and twist your torso to land on objects. ha-ha. So much fun!

On more thing: I just wanted to note how proud I am of Stephen for actually dating the card. I always gave him a hard time about not dating stuff and giving him a huge spchiel about how we have to save and remember everything. He did it on his own this time and I think it's just so cute. Good job honey! Anyways, hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Muah!

February 12, 2011

Stephen, will you be my Valentine?

So Valentines Day is coming up and both Stephen and I have absolutely no money to spend on extra things. ( Presents, flowers or dinner would fall under the extra category ). Car parts, getting the car fixed, payments on tickets and getting money together for things for our party has been on my mind latley. This will be my first real Valentines Day and I wish we could do something great but I'm afraid real life has to be taken care of first. It's funny that this is only our first Valentines Day and we are both chickens with our heads cut off right now! Hopefully we can get these things out of the way and have dinner or something. I still have no idea if I can get him anything...a home made Valentine would have to do. That's what they did in the ole' days right? I saw this cute vintage valentine on graphic fairy's website and nearly melted.

(image from graphic fairy)

I desperately wish it could be 1950 and Stephen slips this into my locker at school....and then a week later we go "steady" and I wear his jacket as a symbol of his commitment. Of course..I do have a diamond ring to show his commitment but I love how simple love seemed in those days. Just plain old fashioned love. That actually reminds me of one of me and Stephen's songs from the Everly Brother's called "That's Old Fashioned". It describes us perfectly and I hope to put it on the CD we will give to our wedding guests. But all this aside-I love Stephen with all my heart and I hope he doesn't feel pressured to make our first Valentines Day a big smash. All I could want is a snuggle at the movies or going for ice-cream :)

"We hold hands in the movie show

So they say that were old fashioned

Or we stroll beneath the silvery moon,

And we carve our initials in the old oak tree

Thats old fashioned, thats the way love should be"

February 10, 2011

On The Road with Love Birds: Camas, WA

So this is the first part of the new series...I'm almost overwhelmed by the amount of super cute pictures we took. ( This is why I chose to do a series. )This was the boring batch but I can't wait to show you photos of Prosser and Seattle. I had such a great time meeting his Uncle Gary and Aunt Sandi...we stayed with them for the first part of our trip. Sandi is big on pictures and I enjoyed seeing her photo albums of Stephen's family back in the day. She has a beautiful country house which was built in the 1900's. I wanted to take some pictures of the house but we were only there for two nights and I forgot. Bummer! Anyways, we had a blast with them and we really enjoyed Camas...Stephen and I agreed that if and when we move to WA it will be in the southern part. :)
Our First Day In Camas

We finished the nature walk and I couldn't believe that Aunt Sandi was way in front of us the whole time. Well, maybe that's because Stephen and I would stop every now and then and smooch. hehe. My fondest memories were in Camas and I can't explain how crisp the air is and how it fills my lungs. Seeing the cold air overtake everything and being in a small town makes me feel at home. I also love that Camas has somewhat of a CA vibe...things are opened later...they have a Target, PayLess Shoes and common CA restaurants nearby....couldn't get any better than that! The best of both worlds in Camas. Can't wait to visit again. :)

Back From Washington!

I just wanted to let you know that I am back from Seattle and ready to blog more than ever. I will be starting a new series called "On The Road with Stephen and Danica"....can't wait to show you all the pictures! Hope everyone has had a good week!