January 8, 2011

My Dream Wedding Dress

I haven't set colors for the wedding in stone but I do know what kind of wedding dress I want ( and can afford ). I adore the simplicity, softness and fluidity to this dress and I've been wanting soft colors and pastels for the wedding so that light sash at the waist is perfect! I also know I want a 40's style head piece as opposed to a long veil. This is perfect!!! I hope this style looks good on me...I don't need to try on dresses yet...not for awhile but I'm so curious and excited to just put one on. Hmmm. Maybe I'll ask mom to take me just for fun?
What is your dream wedding dress/style?


  1. What a lovely dress, it looks like it'd suit you!

    My dream wedding is very 40s/50s - I adore that headpiece you've chosen, I'm definitely going for a netted headpiece rather than a veil. I have issues with showing my back so I want to design my own 50s-style dress-turned wedding gown - my absolute utmost inspiration is the Vivienne Westwood gown that Dita Von Teese wore on her wedding day to Marilyn Manson - it's so absolutely stunning and one of my favourite dresses of all time!

    Although, I'm more traditional and have a cream dress (white looks horrible on me!).

    Ahhh, you've put me in the mood to get married, haha. ♡

  2. It's beautiful! I love it.

    Enjoy the trying-on part. I found my dress right away and I was kind of sad later on that I hadn't just tried on everything in the store for fun. When else can you do that sort of thing?


  3. I think I want a short one with some ruffles so I can wear totally beautiful shoes as well! Not sure about the top though, straps or no straps? sleeves or no sleeves?! its difficult! xxx

  4. Wedding planning is so fun!! Congrats on the engagement. Can't wait to see what you do with the wedding.