January 24, 2011

More House Stuff

As you know I already bought a few cutesy baking items and I think I'm pretty much obsessed with thoughts of buying cute things for our future house. ( When I should be thinking thoughts of savings. ) I saw these super fun stuff on Modcloth.com. I'm sure you've heard of this website only because they are so popular now. I just love this dish wrack and the cute mismatched utensils!! But anyways, these are just a few things I'd want for our house. I've always told Stephen I want to decorate as cute and vintage as possible and if we have enough space he can have his man cave or manly man corner or something haha. I think he agrees with the vintage thing...anyways...he's the one who's been obsessed with Roy Orbison this month. I think we make a perfect couple.


  1. Aren't they adorable!!! I just wish they weren't so pricey. :/

  2. oh gosh! i'm so glad you posted these! they're just beautiful---
    i need to email you back, i promise i will, you know how busy things get :(


  3. I remember seeing that dish rack a while back and I COMPLETELY fell in love with it! :D
    Now I just need a place of my own...

  4. Oooh, I absolutely adore these! Modcloth is sadly pricey, but it's such fun to window-shop online at their store. :)

    How are you, my dear? Happy 10th to you and Stephen! It's absolutely wonderful!