January 25, 2011

Meet Cody! Our newest dog!

His story written by his foster mom:
"Cody was adopted!!! Cody came into our lives almost 3 years ago when we rescued him from a hoarder in Lancaster. The condition Cody spent his first couple years in were deplorable... Cody and around 300 other animals were kept outside in cages with no protection from the weather and little food. Any human contact these animals received before the day of their rescue was abusive and cold. When Julia and I went up to help with the situation, we saw this terrified german shepherd pressing himself against the back of his cage. People were trying to get him into a crate so they could take him away from the awful place but Cody was too scared to trust anybody... after seeing the state of these dogs, we couldn't blame him. Julia and I helped get Cody safely into a crate and a couple days later Julia went to visit him at a sanctuary that was temporarily housing some of the animals. Cody came back with Julia that day and became a part of the ADLR family. This poor dog was scared to be touched, scared of any noises, scared of his own shadow but he always had a sweet soul. We knew he just needed time and TLC. Cody had never been out of this cage so everything was new to him... we watched as he learned to play with dogs, walk up and down stairs, and he loved that he had toys and would hoard them on his bed:). Over the years Cody made many friends that would specifically come to visit him at adoptions, he was an amazing big brother to many young foster dogs and cats over the years and he has a big place in the hearts of all of ADLR's volunteers. We are all so happy for him because today he got his family. He has a mom and dad and sisters (plus 2 doggie sisters:) and a loving home to call his own. I had the pleasure of being Cody's foster mom and I will miss him but I'm also so grateful to his new family. He's a special boy and deserves a special home (and he got it:) "~ Alli


  1. Beautiful dog and great story! I'm glad he has a good home now. A few years ago, my family adopted a dog that had been tossed around from owner to owner. He's definitely here to stay and he's the best dog ever!!! All a dog needs is love. And treats...

  2. Jennifer- Thank you! I'm falling so deeply in love this guy...he's still so shy but he's working in fairly well. I'm glad your family has adopted as well! It's such a great cause...on both parties! :)