January 20, 2011

Every Blessing

"A man died and went to heaven. He was met at the pearly gates by Saint Peter who offered to show him the home God had prepared for him. The man's excitement grew as he and Saint Peter passed a street lined with beautiful mansions - but they did not stop. The man was still enthusiastic as he and Saint Peter walked by a street lined with smaller but still lovely houses, but they did not stop. The man began to wonder just what kind of home was waiting for him when Saint Peter stopped in front of an attractive but tiny house. "This is your home," Peter explained. Even though it was not a spectacular mansion or magnificent house, the man was thrilled. After all, the little house was in Heaven.

The man's excitement faded as he opened the front door of his heavenly home. Instead of beautifully furnished rooms, he saw stacks of unopened boxes. In fact, every room was filled with boxes stacked from the ceiling to the floor. When the man asked Saint Peter what was inside the boxes, Peter smiled sadly and said, "These are the gifts and blessings God had for you on earth" The now very confused man responded, "Why didn't He send them to me?" Saint Peter smiled sadly and said, "Because you never asked."

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