January 22, 2011

anniversary, cake, picture

Made a cake with my new pan and got a little crazy with the frosting but in my eyes...the more frosting the better! Stephen took me out for lunch when he should have been sleeping but maybe our anniversary got him up on his toes bright and early. We relaxed and watched X files and just enjoyed each others company ( we watch a lot of X files. ) Anyways, I really can't believe 10 months today we were sitting on the beach and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was a little frightened at starting a serious relationship but boy was it worth it! I love thinking about the first dates when I still didn't know him, when I was still a little unsure if this would be it. So now, 10 months...we are engaged and completely in love and ready. So happy! Today was a really good day. Excited for church tomorrow and can already taste the big nap after service. :)

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