December 16, 2010

Wrap, wrap, wrap

Stephen and I bought and wrapped presents for the family the other day and he actually picked out super cute wrapping paper and even wrapped the presents way better than I could. ( My mom wouldn't find that hard to believe. ) Anyways...I went shopping for him today and half way through I thought to myself, "I'm buying Christmas presents for my fiance." It's only been a couple weeks and I'm still stumbling on the word and pinching myself to make sure it's real. I love the things I got him and I honestly think this will be the best Christmas either one of us has ever had. I've never shared Christmas with the love of my life before! haha I feel wonderful.

P.S Are any of you good at wrapping presents? I could ask my mom to wrap them but she can only do them for me for so long. ;) Maybe there is a gift wrapping class some place.


  1. Hi Danica!
    I'm not good at wrapping presents =/
    I always ask to my mother to do it for me haha
    Beautiful papers you have on picture
    Have a nice day

  2. Aaron is a great present-wrapper, too. Maybe Steve learned his skills from his brother-in-law. ;) No, but I'm thrilled to hear that Steve's good at wrapping presents. I'm horrible. It's definitely Aaron's job around our house.