December 4, 2010

Travelers of Narnia, I am your guide.

I'd really love to see the new Narnia movie. ♥


  1. Oh! I love Narnia!
    My father gave a book to me when I was a little girl. Narnia is part of my life. I want to watch the new movie

    Have a nice day

  2. I'm wanting to see it as well. Although, more than that I want to dig out my Narnia books to read. ♥

  3. Oh & as far as the reread button. I truly can not remember how I did it. I checked my HTML, even with the 'expand widget templates' and still could not figure out how I added it.

    I do remember having trouble with it at first and then somehow I tried it a few months later and it was miraculously working.

    & I know under the page elements tab when you edit the blog posts box, it has a thing that says "post page link text:" with a ? mark that leads you to this:

    I always just add the code and it creates the read more for me. Maybe it is that simple? I'm not sure. But you could give it a try.

    Hope that helps. ♥

  4. Oh geez I have always LOVED Narnia, and can't wait to see the movie!
    I was actually convinced my wardrobe led to the magical world too...

  5. Narnia is such a great movie! I'm seeing the new one tonight! Very excited :) xxx

  6. Hello Danica!:)

    I don't know that you are engaged:)

    I'm absolutely happy for you, congratulation! And yes, hope you enjoy Narnia with Stephen:)