December 29, 2010

Time Capsule Wednesday: Haydee at the Piano

Early 1950's.

My Grandfather madly in love with my Grandmother playing the piano at their engagement party.

Love vintage photographs? I will ( try ) to be posting a weekly vintage photo of my family or any photo that captures my soul. Time capsule Wednesdays...see how long you last. haha


  1. This is a beautiful new addition to your blog, I just adore old photographs (:

  2. Hi Danica!
    Really nice pisture! *.*
    I loved!
    Your grandmother is so beautiful and looks talent :)
    Have a nice day

  3. oh please do post more of these! i love vintage photographs! :)

  4. Thank you Marina- She was and still is very talented. :) I always love watching her play piano...shes like an angel.

    Curious Constellation- Thank you! I hope it sticks!