December 31, 2010

Jumping For Joy!!

I am happy to tell you that I finally got a job!!!! I will be starting part time and going into full time after two months as a Nanny for a gorgeous family in Irvine! I was so excited when I got the call that I literally jumped and screamed and I'm sure if someone was with me holding a camera this is what I would have looked like. :)

Steve and I have been praying for me to find some steady money in childcare...and putting all our trust and hope in the Lord....He came through! This is so huge for us and now I really feel like we are making progress. After New Years we plan to open a savings account and start putting in pretty pennies for our marriage fund. Gosh, God is so good and it never ceases to amaze me how He keeps His word, how He gives abundantly and how He loves. Now that I will be making steady money I can easily take care of my own car insurance and save for my future with my wonderful fiance. I feel soo good right now I can't even contain myself. Never give up ladies! Never stop believing that God will take care of it.

Psalm 31:14
But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, "You are my God."

Can I share something with you? The mom called tonight and said she only chose to interview two people. She said that the other person she interviewed was a little older than me, had been a nanny before and had much more experience....but she chose to go with her gut...and that was me. My faith, my values, my personality and my character won her over and I have no one else to thank except Jesus Christ.


  1. Congratulations, Danica! It's so wonderful that things fell into place. Hope you have a wonderful new year with Stephen! ♥

  2. thanks for your comment... but this time i got this photo from and then wrote the verse on it.
    and it´s great that you have a new job. i´m soooo happy for you.
    praise the lord!
    have a beautiful sunday!
    and god bless you!

    xoxo, pink lady <3