December 8, 2010

A Frosty and Colorful Evening

Ever since purchasing the Disney pass we have gone every now and then even for a couple hours just to see a show or walk around { I love doing that! }. Anyways, we saw this new show called "The World of Color" at CA Adventure park and it was amazing!!!! Goosebumps, chills...incredible!!! You can only really "see" the show if you get a fast pass ticket but we decided to purchase this cool picnic meal thing where we get this picnic pack with fried chicken, apple pie, potato salad and coleslaw! Sounds awesome right?!

So not awesome. We went on one ride and by the time we got to the food it was so cold it was seriously decide to go back and complain but before that...we went to the tortilla building and got some free warm tortillas! { It was super cold and it seemed better than cold chicken }. Although the picnic food sucked we still had the fast pass tickets for the show! Yay! I've been waiting such a long time to see this and we get front row spots right above the water! Standing there with Stephen watching this incredible water/light show...what a night! I also just love having a fiance that is so much taller than me that he stands behind me in line and puts his long arms across my shoulders. Such a wonderful feeling! But anyways, before I get mushy...this show is amazing! I highly recommend going early in the morning to get fast passes but screw the picnic meal guys! { unless you like frozen fried chicken }.

Here is a short video clip of one of the musical numbers in the show! { From one of my favorite Disney Princesses.. although Ariel has been my favorite since I was a child...Snow White is my new favorite because I got proposed to at her wishing well. I love you Snow White. ;) }

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  1. Hey Danica, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for following my blog! I'm so happy that you love it! Your blog is so adorable! I look forward to carousing through all of your previous posts!