December 18, 2010

Brawley Passed Away

Unfortunately, my favorite dog Brawley had to be put down today. Back problems in bigger dogs are very common and his back got progressively worse and the medicine was no longer working. I thought he was getting better for a moment because just the other day he got onto to sofa by himself ( which he wasn't able to do for awhile ). I thought everything would be okay but then the worst came. He could barely go to the bathroom, eat or walk....his hind legs were buckling behind him and he would constantly be yelping and bellowing in pain. Poor baby. The poor dog was taking like 15 pills a day or more and it was just awful and we didn't want to admit it but it was just time for him to be put to rest. Brawley was hands down the best dog we've ever had. He was everyone's favorite and I just hope everyone will not be too upset before Christmas comes.

A past post about my baby: here.

So sad. :( I miss you so much already Brawlo!


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry! He was such a good dog.


  2. oh dearest, i am sorry to hear that, he's such a handsome thing. x

  3. Oh Danica!
    I'm so sorry about your lost =/
    It's so sad...I felt sad reading the post...
    I hope you get better
    Have a nice day

  4. ohh.. i´m so sorry for you!
    it´s so sad to lose a good friend. but i hope you´ll feel better soon.
    have a beautiful day and keep on going... i know he´s in heaven now ♥
    xoxo, pink lady

  5. Hi Danica!
    Please, could you send by comment the e-mail that you use in your blog, please? I'll change my blog to a private mode...just the people that I select and register the e-mail can read what I write. So, I want to register you there.
    Please, send your e-mail andress
    Have a nice day :)