November 5, 2010

Something I Admire about my Boyfriend

Stephen Pardini, highlighting who happens to be the love of my life is a man of great integrity and sometimes caught in the world ( like who isn't sometimes? ) but all in all a godly man who has inspired me since the moment I saw him. We have been going through a season of financial uncertainty and a little bit of turmoil when it comes to goals, family,money and everything in between. It has been somewhat difficult with turned down interviews, not being able to get a new car like he wanted, not being able to get married most likely for another two years....but nothing stops him. Nothing stops him from being positive and hopeful in God's will for both of us. When I was single I always pictured marrying someone who was a strong believer and I saw a lot of young guys claiming to be strong Christians when they weren't at all. This saddened me and I thought either my standards are way too high or I am never going to find a man like that! God proved me wrong and everyday I'm thankful for the godly man I have that adores me and treats me like God intended. The way Stephen loves me and how we keep our relationship helps me greater understand the grace and love of God in my life. One of the things I love about Stephen is what a great prayer he is. He won't say that because he is humble or just embarrassed but he really is. Prayer was never my spiritual gift; I am always the last to pray with a crowd....he even prays at the table with my family...not me! haha

I remember when he called me the night of our official date ( probably about a couple hours later ) and we talked about how we were going to be careful and guide this new relationship in a Biblical way. Over the phone this guy just starts praying for us. Here I am. Just had the most wonderful date of my life. So concerned that I'll never have a bf. And here he is. Praying with me over the phone. I think at that moment I knew I was going to marry him and it strongly occurred to me as well on our second date because that's when he said I was the one! I've come to realize just how important prayer is and Stephen inspires me to do it better and more. Just the other day ( before we went to Debra's house ) I had a killer headache and the last thing I want is a painful headache when I go to dinner at her house for the first time. He stops me in the kitchen, puts his two hands across my head and prays for my headache. Amazing to me! Whenever he prays it lifts my soul and gives my joy that only Jesus and the two of us can experience together. I'm so blessed to have him. But, if you are single or casually dating it's probably not right for you to be praying with a person of the opposite sex because it is very don't get discouraged if the guy you like won't pray with you! But anyways, I just wanted to say how much I adore Stephen's spiritual gift of prayer. His prayer and hope for us has changed my life. We both know the importance of praying for your loved one and he has actually told me that he has seen a lot of change in my insecurities since he's been praying for them. What an awesome thing! For my boyfriend to be praying for my weaknesses makes me feel so loved I can't even explain it. Lately I have been so lovey dovey for him and I really believe I fall in love with him more everyday. I strongly suggest praying for your loved one because it will work wonders in your relationship and it will bring you closer together. God has been so good to us despite the financial worries....and I needed to write this for myself almost. I need to show to myself how things could be a lot worse and how counting my blessings is really worthwhile. Thank you Stephen for showing me how important and real prayer is, I love you.


  1. This is really so, so sweet and beautiful. xxx

  2. I'm so happy for you. Being in love is so grand, isn't it? He sounds like he's everything you've ever dreamed of, that's the best part. x