November 2, 2010

so far so good

Last night Stephen and I were invited to Debra's ( my mentor ) house for dinner. We had an amazing time and what a better way to start our mentoring with yummy food! Debra and her husband are very funny and great people who Stephen and I can look up to...they also have a thirteen year old girl who is super cute and outgoing. The Muniz's are what we call "prayer warriors" and informed us they would be praying for me to find a job and for Steve to get a better one.
And my praise report this month so far is: I have an interview setup at Studio C Salon in Irvine this Thursday at 9:15am. The power of prayer. I don't have my licensee yet so hopefully the owner won't boot me right away....I'm hoping they will like me and maybe, just maybe I'll have a job lined up for me once I pass State Board. God is so good and regardless of how this pans out right now I'm as happy as my soul could allow. One of the most wonderful thing about being a Christian is that we don't lose hope for long. No matter what is going on we always have a sense of peace that God is working and a sense of joy that He is going to make it awesome. I'm so thankful I have Debra and her family in my life....I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and Stephen and I could use a lot of them right now.

Now all I have to worry about is what to wear on Thursday!?

P.S I recently made a button for this blog and if you have one ( and I follow your blog ) I will post it! ( Just send me the link! )


  1. yay for prayer warriors and yay for being faithful in GODS GRACE thru prayer!! prayer acknowledges our love for him and acknowledges the fact that we need him! HE loves hearing us ask and pour our hearts desires to HIM! HE is our father and he will give us all good things according to HIS WILL!! your faith is growing immensely and I am sooo blessed as always looking at your blog. you will find an amazing Job thru faith alone and you are going to make an amzing WIFE thru that same day. love love love you!

  2. p.s. you have amazing blog layout skills and your blog has the feeling I would like people to have when they come to mine. LIke they are walking into a close friends bedroom! lol only its my dream bedroom.. so yeah Pray I find the strength and knowledge to spruce mine up the way I want it.. its soooo far from that.. haha

  3. hi... thanks for the comment!
    i love your blog... it´s so beautiful! and this post is beautiful too! i know you will manage your interview! because we have our father in heaven who always hepls us!! ♥

    i hope you have a beautiful week!

    btw.: it´s great that you have a button.. i will make it on my blog! :)

  4. Che-I've told you this thousand times but your comments are always so encouraging me to me. So thankful I have a sister like you! We neeed to get together, seriously che! And if you ever need help with your layout let me know.

    Pink Lady- ( not sure what your real name is yet haha ) Thank you so much! I really appreciate that....can't wait to start a friendship with another sister!