November 9, 2010

I got into a car accident

Now even though this a blog post...I wanted to document it here and get it off my chest but I didn't want to post anything on facebook as to scare my family and friends, so yea.
If financial worries were a big deal a week ago...they definitely are now. I feel so bad for my dad sometimes. I wonder if he regrets having kids because of stuff like this. I'm going to try extra hard to just get a retail/temporary job so I can help relieve some stress maybe. I feel so sorry for my parents it's not even funny.
Well anyways, I'm still a bit traumatized and nervous about the money and the outcome but I know God has it under control...I'm hoping I can get on with my life and this will pass. Stephen has a special date for me tonight and I hope I can forget about yesterday for a little while and take in the surprise he has for me this evening. I guess he was planning on making this week special and boy, did I make it special! haha I'm surprised my parent's are even letting me go out but let me tell you what happened:
I was driving over to Stephen's house to pick him up so we could go get lunch. As I arrived at his house I was getting ready to park on the other side of the street that he lives on since his apartment was on that side. I made a right onto the neighborhood street that faces his house before making a U-turn and stopping at the stop sign across the street from his house. While pulling out onto the street that he lives on, ( I was already half way into the street in the U turn ) a car that came out of nowhere was flying down the street and sideswiped my car. After hitting my car, the other car swerved and crashed into a house that was across the street from where Stephen lives. If he was going the speed limit...his car obviously wouldn't have done that.
I was fine and my car just got damaged a little on the right side bumper, but the other driver of the car had to be loaded onto a stretcher and taken to the hospital by an ambulance, plus their car was totaled. ( You could imagine my panic and concern )The Fire department and Police to investigate the property damage caused and the accident and said that I was at fault for the accident since the driver had the right of way over me even though they were going twice the speed limit that was posted on the street. Anyways I'm still a little shocked because I'm not sure what's going to happen in terms of my driving privileges since my dad does not want me driving for the time being, maybe even long term.

I guess my dad is going to hire a lawyer to look into the case to see if they can find a loophole and see if the driver had done anything recklessly to cause the accident, but so far it doesn't look good as to I'm to blame for the accident.
I just hate how this is "my" fault when I was being careful and this idiot was going 60 on a 25-30 street and it's MY fault only because he technically had the right away. After I was finishing panicking in his apartment ( half crying/screaming, squealing, "my dad is going to shoot me." and "what am I going to do." Stephen decided I needed some food and or a distraction. After calming down for about thirty minutes and rubbing the black eyeliner down my cheeks we went across the street to get pizza. We then went to the Christian Bookstore in his area ( because being surrounded in a christian bookstore has always been comforting to me, since I was a kid ) Anyways, I buy a 30 most loved hymns CD. We get in the car and immediately put on " It is well with my soul".
Although I just got in a car wreck....I at least don't have the traumatic experiences of the person who wrote that hymn. What I've learned in my short twenty years of living is that life could always be worse. I'm still not sure what the outcome of this case will be but please pray it will be in my favor even though it was "technically" my fault. at least Please pray that everything goes according to His will and that my dad will have some compassion for me. This is all so crazy but no matter what: God is on my side and even though I haven't gotten along with my family that much recently I know they are on my side as well and they love me. So right now I am clinging to the Lord and this one hymn. I hope this will pass soon.

"For me, be it Christ, be it Christ hence to live:
If Jordan above me shall roll,
No pang shall be mine, for in death as in life,
Thou wilt whisper Thy peace to my soul.
It is well, with my soul."

P.S Stephen and agreed that we are going to start a tradition from now on: Every time a horrible tragedy falls upon us....we are going to go get pizza. :)


  1. Oh dear, my heart goes out to you! It must be traumatizing. It always unnerves me when I see drivers whizzing at full speed in small streets...
    You will overcome.

  2. praise God for the man in your life. HE was so supportive and GOd of course has a major purpose for this event in your life. I understand that it seems big now but in the full view of things this is just one small story to tell the kids girly :). Im glad nobody was hurt including you and just pray that no matter what happens GODS will is carried out above all things and knowing that it is REALLY hard to get mad or dislike the outcome right? i know easier said than done.. I love you and if you could lift me up in prayer I would greatly appreciate it.. I'm feeling a tad angry towards myself and I can't quite place my finger on the true source other than Satan.. :)


  3. That really sucks that it's all your fault when the other driver broke the law. At least you were not hurt. I hope everything will go in your favor on this.