November 3, 2010

black and white

I really love this photo and it brings back great memories and I wanted to share it with you: This is a photograph I took at one of my favorite places in Seattle back in 2008. I love the personality and drama that transforms into a black and white photo. It changes least for me. I could never be a professional photographer but taking photos back in the day really made me happy...I should start up again.


  1. This is a beautiful photograph. It's always better when you are just taking photos for your own enjoyment. When you are taking them because you have to, it's not nearly as fun.

    I've been reading your blog regularly for a couple of weeks now and I've gone through most of your posts. I never commented before now because I didn't know what to say... Your blog gives me so much hope that there is a respectable young man out there worthy of my love. Just reading through what you've written, I can see that God is at work in your life. I've hit a rough patch in my life filled with doubt and insecurity and for some reason, your blog makes me feel better. I don't even remember how I stumbled across it, but I am certainly glad that I did. Thanks for writing! You do fantastic work :)

  2. Wennifer: I'm glad you have decided to comment because your comment truly touched my heart. This blog started as a creative outlet and then it turned into a love story and then my diary. Now it's all three and I wonder if anyone really cares and your comment reassured that people do care. I am filled with joy that my blog gives you comfort and hope! I want my blog to be like "entering through your friends bedroom" like my friend Che put it.
    Are you a follower? Since you haven't been reading my blog that long...I'd like you to read this post:

    It was back in June when I was going through a lot of weight issues matter what insecurity you face...I know you will find peace in reading this. :)

    Hope you have a good day.

  3. this is an amzing photographer.. your great!!
    i also love black & white photos! they are much more beautiful than normal photographs!!! :)
    thanks for sharing and for putting my button on your blog!

    have a nice day!!! xoxo ♥