November 14, 2010

Asian for a day

Stephen ( if you haven't read our About Us is from Hong Kong and he loves Chinese food ) suggested we have Dim sum after church and I was all for it because Dim sum is one of my favorite things to eat as well. So we invite the family after church and we all have a good time. After we eat we stop at this Hello Kitty store across the street and find a photo booth. I had never done one of these before and it was very fun! My sister Tasmin is in these too in case you were wondering. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Do you enjoy photo booths like this one?


  1. These are so fun!!!
    I have never seen a photo booth like that. Awesome.

    The second one is the best.


  2. Thanks Jennifer! It was very fun! It was so cool, you took the pictures and then get sent to another machine type booth to decorate the pictures with stamps and stickers and everything...quite an experience!