October 11, 2010

Update: Career Counselor and Pumpkin Patch

Today Stephen is traveling back to Biola to speak with a career counselor to get some insight on what to do next. He realizes that if we want to get married when we want he has to find a job that he doesn't necessarily want. I appreciate him putting his dream on hold and trying to find something that will make more money for the time being. I'm already very close to my dream and I feel bad that Steve has to put law enforcement on hold, but what can yea do? God made it very clear that it isn't the right time for him to pursue law enforcement...but I really believe once he is older ( he's only 23 ) that opportunity will be better for him. And after he gets back we have plans to go to a pumpkin patch! I've yet to stick my hand in "pumpkin guts" this Fall and I plan on it tonight!!! The only trouble is....when you go to a pumpkin patch it's supposed to be chilly!! And of course in Southern California in Fall it's a wonderful 80 degrees. Joy. :/

P.S wondering what pumpkin patches are really nice in Orange County....


  1. Hope it goes well, Steve!

    I went to my first pumpkin patch ever last year on a field trip with Gabe's kindergarten class. Anna went today with her preschool class, but I didn't go this time around. It's so much fun. I'm hoping we can go as a family before the season's over. :)

    Have fun!

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