October 26, 2010


I'm trying so hard to be a light and I am failing miserably. I feel slightly disconnected and I hate it. I don't like being an adult because when I was a kid I never knew of any problems that surfaced. I would rather be an innocent child not knowing of the adult problems in this world. But I am an adult and it is time to take care of my family and help like I'm supposed to. Lord, help me be a light in my household. Help me change things. Please break one of them and make them understand that they need You. That You are the only person who can make anything better. I think they know it already in their hearts but they won't admit it. Help me.


  1. I agree - being an adult comes with so many problems that I wish I was a kid again. I hope things get better.

    PS. I love the new look/layout!

  2. Danica,

    being an adult can be seen from 2 perspective: burdensome or blissful.

    I'm sure He prefers the other one, like being a blessing for people around you;)

    Be patient:):)

    p.s: oh of course I stay with you. If you change, it is because you are finding yourself and there's nothing wrong with that. There are many 'religious' people who are not so honest, they always want to look like they are saint or something. You are different:)

  3. Believe
    God Will hel you
    Just believe on it and do your part
    Have a nice day

  4. i will definitely be doing my best to lift up your family in my prayers. god works mightily. keep being faithful to his will for you and he will certainly deliver your answered prayers girl. I have the same dillema so instead of focusing on my family I am focusing on Christ and walking strong with him and praying for that to make me a light in their lives. Because I most certainly tried to be a light on my own and it did not bear much fruit. God has the power to change our situations. I love you and thanks for the raw honesty. It is an encouraging reminder to me :)!