October 9, 2010

Praise Report

( Stephen and I at the party tonight in honor of my cousin's visiting from Ecuador)

I am happy to share with you my very first Praise Report on this blog! (It's still amazing to me how much my blog has changed. I was all about magical fiction, dreaming of old houses, tea parties in forests and what not. I'm still the same dreamer and I'm still the same person but I took a spiritual turn and yes, I lost some followers due to my constant talk about Jesus but it was worth it. People change and therefore my blog changed....I've learned that I can be just as dreamy and creative but still be the godly woman God has called me to be! I never knew why I wasn't open about my faith on my blog before; but I am now. ) I think that was the longest ( ) I've ever written in my life. Anyways, back to my Praise Report!

Because of the graciousness at Voyagers Bible Church...I am now able to go on the Women's retreat this year at Verdugo Pines!! I didn't have the money and my scholarship of half ended up being paid for completely. I am basically going for free and I'm still in awe by this situation. I was so upset about all the money issues and boom....God blesses me with a free retreat!!! Isn't God amazing when He gives us gifts out of nowhere like that? He is always faithful and always good...I'm always in awe.

P.S I will upload some photos of my cousins from Ecuador later. :) Just remind me?


  1. Praise God for the money! I can't wait to get to know you better at retreat. See you at church in the morning.

  2. Me too! I'll see you at church! :)

  3. That's so incredible!!! He knows what we need and at just the right time!

  4. so amazing love!! i'm god willing going on a womens retreat with my church as well to Murrietta or however you spell it. GOd is so amazing. He provides always knowing what we need and when we need it. His timing and his will is so evident in our lives when we seek it!! So blessed to hear your praise report.. hallelujah

  5. oh and the meaning behind my blog title is 100% honesty in all that I write and my accounts of the day or topic at hand. Just focusing on that alone has helped me a lot because there are many things I have written and I truly felt WHO WANTS TO HEAR this but that was my truth and I realized I am not here for any other reason than Jesus Christ and not to please man and now I am getting off on a tangent. hahaha

    point of the BLOG NAME is basically to be completely honest and to leave deceit at the door. :) Thank you for asking btw. I wonder how many of my followers wonder the same thing? haha