October 27, 2010

pointless post

Sorry for the pointless post but I thought this picture of Lindsay Lohan was adorable.

She used to be so cute! I remember playing parent trap with my cousin Alyssa when that movie came out. ( 1998 ) We would reenact the scene where they put the broken picture of their parents together and they realize they are long lost sisters ( and twins nonetheless)! Good memories but so sad the way she turned out....but I feel like watching that movie now. I wish we had on dvd but if I admit to my family I want to rent this I won't hear the end of it.


  1. Haha, I used to do the handshake with my best friend!
    This was such a cute movie, I have a copy of it but our VCR is broken. And it was dubbed in Dutch, but somehow I got so used to that version that it was weird in English, although usually I hate it when they do that.

    And yeah, keeping a surprise is hard indeed, but I do keep my mouth shut about. In fact I am now trying to plan a secret evening out with my mom on her birthday. I guess I do have to tell her I have something planned and then just zip it;)

  2. My sister and I treasure that movie!! It's exceptional! I love it :)