October 5, 2010

picture phone

Stephen and I on a rainy day adventure to downtown where we ate at Gypsy Den and then had coffee at Starbucks. I usually hate mobile uploads but I thought these were worth blogging about. :)

I'm loving this rain so much I can't even handle it! Just another reminder of how much we miss Washington and our family up there. Stephen and I will hopefully visit in January but whatever God permits!
Just a quick update: I need to get money to send my paper work to State Board so I can take my exam sooner than later and then I can start working....please pray that Stephen can get a job that pays more and I can get a job in a salon that fits me. Everyone and they're mom is struggling with money and or finding jobs but I'm continuing to trust God that He has Stephen and I in His hands. Love you all and thinking of you!


  1. How adorable! and oh how I wish it would rain here in California. Good luck on finding a salon job.

  2. it rained today and yesterday here in Southern California V! IT was amazing and very wet :)

  3. God does have you guys in his hands girl! And all he wants is for you to just stay there and worry about nothing :). He has all you need and will always provide! I know we all seem to be struggling these days as well especially the 20something adults of this age. We need to really pray for this crazy nation of ours :(..

  4. Danica, you're so charming. Your adventure sounds absolutely necessary, now (for everyone). I am loving the cold and rain, too; even we're getting it :)
    Love you! xxx

  5. I know God will bless you for your faithfulness, and I will definitely keep you both in my prayers!
    AND I LOVE RAIN!! (hence where I take up residence), and your hat is adorable! I have found hats don't work very well on me...
    And in response to your question about my blog layout, I am pleased to say no, I did not pay for it! I got it from a website (linked at the bottom of my blog) and tweaked it to make it my own :)
    Thank you for following! I love your blog!!

  6. My dear Olivia!!!!! How I've missed you!!!! Where have you been? You don't know how surprised I was to get a comment from you! haa