October 28, 2010

Missionary or Impostor?

One of those seasons were nothing is necessarily going right but all is well with my soul all the same. There are three more days until November starts and I think I've lived October to the best of my abilities: I've gotten right with God and I'm working on being a better light wherever I go. People in our culture can read us a lot better now then they used to...time to start evangelizing better. I feel God calling me to do that more and I actually heard a very remarkable quote this afternoon by Charles H. Spurgeon: "Every Christian is a missionary or an impostor." Wow. Think about that for a second. I know I did! Very heavy and very eye opening. I was touched by God at a very young age and got saved around six or seven. I have basically been a Christian for a long time and I feel it's about time to start sharing the gospel. I don't believe I have the means or the personality to stand on the streets and hand out tracks like my Grandpa does ( at 80! ) but I do at least want to start spreading it in my own way. Through my love for children's ministry, in my outgoing personality and my profession: hair dressing.
But really think about that sisters! You either want to spread the kingdom of Christ or you do not love Him at all. I've learned that you can't really have a sincere fire burning love for Christ if your tongue does not match your heart. I thought that quote was a little much at first...but it's not. If you are a believer I encourage you to witness more in any way you can. Where ever your presence is..Jesus is there too because He is in you. Remember: the more people we help be led to Christ...the sooner He will come. And to all the non Christians who read my blog because you like me or the pretty pictures I post: He loves you too. And I really hope that if you see someone witnessing or trying to evangelize in a way that is not really God honoring or correct that God will tell you it's not right. Because there are some "Christians" who have the wrong idea and I pray that you will hear the real truth and don't judge "religion" as what should be a personal relationship with Christ.

"You are either doing good, or you are not good yourself. If thou knowest Christ, thou art as one that has found honey. Thou wilt call others to taste of it. Thou art like the lepers who found the food which the Syrians had cast away: thou wilt go to Samaria and tell the hungry crowd that thou hast found Jesus, and art anxious that they should find Him too. Be wise in your generation, and speak of Him in fitting ways and at fitting times, and so in every place proclaim the fact that Jesus is most precious to your soul.” -Charles H. Spurgeon
(March 1873)


  1. This post really spoke to me. & I like how you point out "in my own way." I've known so many people who criticize others because they're not out on the corner handing out tracks. It's not my thing, but I know I can witness to others in a different way. =]

    Hope you have a wonderful Halloween, dear. & Thanks for the compliment on the layout. I swear I can never get it just the way I like though-- always having to mess with it. ♥

  2. Thanks a million for your kind words. It's such a lovely Blog you have here and I follow you now. Follow me back? xx, Alice :)

  3. I think it's incredible when you get the revelation that there is more to being a Christian than being a Christian. It's living for God. Giving to God. Giving for God. It's incredibly eye opening and world shaking when it happens.
    Wonderful post :) I love your insight!