October 6, 2010

I'm a wreck and I need a job, can I get an amen?

So I had my whole day planned out to a tee. ( God just loves when we do that, doesn't He? )I plan on visiting my friend Carolyn at school and hoping to knock out three birds with one stone: 1. Visit Carolyn. 2. Talk to an old teacher about my resume. and 3. Sell my parking pass to Tiffany. I wanted to surprise Care so I made an appointment with her for a manicure and I had packed some snacks in a cute bag with a drink to go with it. I arrive early so I decided to kill some time and go to the beauty supply down the street. My aunt had given me a gift card for Cosmo Prof ( a beauty supply that only hair dressers can go to ) I walk in and I'm basically told because I don't have my license yet I can't purchase anything even though I have a gift card. I told the girl I am a hair dresser and although I don't have a license yet I just graduated from beauty school so could she make an exception? She says no because they have a student account and a licensed professional account...apparently I qualify for neither since I just graduated so technically I'm not a student anymore. Tell me about it. So I'm mad about that and I walk to my car in a huff and put the key in the ignition and nothing! My car is 100% dead...or like Miracle Max would say, "mostly dead." I call AAA and of course the lady on the phone is talking to me like I'm 5 because I'm sure my voice over the phone takes off about 10 years. Although nice, my day was not going as planned and I'm annoyed as heck by this lady. You know when you are so annoyed and overwhelmed by life the smallest things send you threw the roof? Yea, so AAA comes in about 15 minutes ( seriously, praise Jesus! ) and jump starts my car; tells me I have to go straight home because if I turn off the car again it won't turn back on. I drive home crying because my whole day was wrecked...didn't get to surprise Care, couldn't buy anything from the beauty supply and now my car needs a new battery when it costs 70 bucks! I wanted to go to the Women's retreat this week ( 80 bucks ) and I have to send in my State Board paper work ( 150 bucks ). I'm a wreck and I need a job, can I get an amen?
So I get home and poor Stephen listens to my rant ( like most of you are this very moment ) and comes over and puts a new battery in the car. He was out there for like 3 hours and I heard a few curse words fall along with some sweat and dirt. I chose not to criticize because when I get frustrated I don't have the purest speech either. haha. He got it fixed and my car is now alive!!! I have been slightly overwhelmed with money and what not...everything seems to domino because of it and everything effects it and you can't do one thing because you need the other thing and so and so forth and all you need is money. God has been very faithful to me and I always try to remember that He is in control and not everything comes easy to His children. I'm just trying to be patient with this season of financial struggle and pray that something will give in soon. Stephen is still trying to find something else and is not having much success. But, we will stay faithful to Christ and continue to keep him first and see what happens. I'm sorry this is so long but it's good for me to rant and write....it makes me feel better. Anyhow, I know some of you have been struggling with finding jobs and money and what not. How are you girls doing?

If there is one verse that has stuck with me through life; it has to be Romans 8:28. It speaks volumes and it never ceases to bring me hope.

Romans 8:28
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

So yea, God is good and my life could be a lot worse...He works things out for good and always will because I will always be His girl. I would love for you to pray for Stephen and I as we embark on this crazy job/money hunt and I would love to pray for you as well! If you have a prayer request you would like to share with me please comment! And if it is private you can always email me. You can find my email in the Contacts button above. :) God Bless, girls.


  1. i just prayed for you and as you know I have been in the season of financial struggles for the last month or so and all I can really say is GOD has provided everything that I NEED. THat being said there of course, are plenty of things that I want both selfish and not but God has given me enough each day! With him MANNA rains from heaven so we may never go without. So if there are things lined up that YOU want to have taken care of just know God will provide according to his GOOD will and GOOD purpose for you and Stephen :). I love you honey and take the time to get deeper into his word and grow more in love with him while he prepares you for his ultimate plan :)...


  2. Isaiah 49 would also be a lovely passage to look at, if you would like!
    And Romans 8 is such an incredible chapter... I agree!
    Thank you for following!!

  3. It's not a job you really need... it's the end result of most jobs... which is money.

    I've been self-employed since 1989 and enjoy helping others do the same.

    It's money you really need! And you need it coming in from multiple sources not just from a job.

    Here's a really simple home business we have that won't cost you a penny to start working....and it comes with free ongoing training.

    CAUTION: Daily Work Is Required !

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  4. Charles, or Chuck which ever you are haha...thank you very much for the offer but I enjoy hair dressing and I will want to find a job in a salon. :)

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  6. Anonymous- Thank you very much. If my words can at least touch one person that makes me feel awesome!

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