September 8, 2010

How We Met

This is Stephen here.

I'd like to share my version on how Danica and I first met.

It was a nice sunny day on Sunday, January 24th, 2010. Like any other Sunday morning I got up and got ready to go to Voyagers Bible Church. It was a slightly different Sunday however because there was a special class I was going to attend at that was for newcomers who were interested in finding out about the history off the church called the "Connections Class". Since I had been going to church for three months at the time I felt compelled to go simply because I felt that Voyagers was already my home and because of that I needed to know more about the church I was attending.

I arrive at church and walk into the Fireside Room, a small room where they hold classes for the church. Everybody was asked to sit in a circle in order to make introductions easier for everyone. As I scanned the whole room I realized that I was the only young person amongst many middle aged people. At first I wondered if I was in the wrong class, but soon found out I was not. The class was about to start and all the sudden a couple walk into the room with what I thought was their daughter. For some reason I kept looking over at what I thought was the daughter of this couple because: A. she looked gorgeous and well presented. B. she looked rather young for being in the class (not that I wasn't either). As we started introductions I had the honors of introducing myself to everybody first since I was at the start of the circle. Gradually everybody introduced themselves and I don't even remember any of the other people's names except for hers. Finally it came to couple and they introduced themselves and their lovely niece...Danica. When she introduced herself she had such a beautiful mature voice, which I immediately noticed from the get-go. She told a little bit about herself to everybody, how she was 20 years old and going to cosmetology school in Huntington Beach, and how she was looking for a church to call home. After the class that Sunday I remember leaving there without introducing myself to her personally. Something felt weird that whole day and days to follow and didn't know what it was, and somehow it was related around her. Little did I know what was yet to come, and what God was about to do in my life.

The following week I went to the college/young adults group like I usually do every Thursday night. I walked in and said hi to everybody and as usual the guys were hanging out together in one group while the girls were hanging together in another group on the other side of the room. I glance over and see who was there in attendance amongst the ladies and I couldn't believe my eyes, because SHE was there too. I sheepishly decide not to go over and say anything not wanting to look like an idiot leaving the guys group. Somewhere in the midst of things however as the meeting was about to start everybody was rushing to try to find a seat, which is when I finally got the chance to introduce myself. "Hi, I'm Steve," I said to her with a smile. "My name is Danica," she said. "You look rather familiar, were you at the Connections Class last Sunday?" I asked. "Yes..I was," she answered. "'s a small world," I said. " is," said she. " was nice to meet," I explained. " was nice to meet you too," she said with a smile.

And the rest was history.

A another re-cap on our relationship thus far: To Danica From Stephen


  1. Hey Danica! Your blog is so adorable! I just got your comment about hiding the number of followers! if you just click on the little tool icon by the followers, and change the text colors to #ffffff (white) then it hides the numbers! i can't remember exactly which text part you have to change, so i just have all of mine set to white! i think you can also change it by going to your dashboard, and then clicking on followers as well! hope that helps! :) if not, let me know and i can explain it better! ( i am not very good at explaning things!)


  2. how precious. she came to find a home and found a man to start a home with!! god works so crazy doesn't he. I like your version it's like getting into the mind of a guy! ha ha. Which is probably what every girl wants to know. How men really think.

    Danica have you heard this before or was this your first time?? I'm excited to see you later today also!!


  3. Yes I had read it before. He actually wrote it like a month ago but never posted it. hah

  4. That's so adorable! You two are very cute together!

  5. This is incredibly lovely - my heart is humming like a tiny bird.