September 29, 2010

can't put the camera down

I really appreciate Stephen's sportsmanship ( no pun intended ) in having fun taking pictures with me. I would think most guys would be so annoyed with my wanting to take pictures every 5 seconds. Although our team lost we had a blast and after the game we went to get hot wings. I guess that's the sports thing to do. I had never really had wings before...I'd like to think I'm too classy but I actually enjoyed getting my hands dirty. I was so tired...I forgot to take pictures of that. Anyways, hope you girls are all doing well!


  1. you are so beautiful, danica <3 and you guys are so lovely together.


  2. So cute! I have had every intention of trying to go to a sporting event this year, but never has happened. I'm hoping maybe a football game, but we'll see. Neither of us are big sports fans in the least!

    You had asked me about the random posts on my blog, and I just used a widget I found online. Here are the instructions for adding it:

    Thanks again for the kind words you left on my latest post. You are too sweet and it has made my morning!

  3. Aw this is such a sweet post! Thank you for commenting on my blog, and hope you come back again :)

  4. Danica dear:


    You two are just adorable. I absolutely LOVE all of the pictures you take with Stephen. It literally makes me jump for joy!

    And as for baseball, go A's! I used to go to their games as a kid and go to the free Root Beer Float days. :)

    I miss you! Hope to hear from you soon!