September 16, 2010

The Beauty School Bathroom

Carolyn and I. ( My blond twin ) had a red bull ( for the first time mind you ) and got what's called a "Red Bull Wasted" We had some fun in the bathroom and laughing so hard my stomach and jaw hurt. Good thing Carolyn doesn't know I have a blog! hehe
( The drink that inspired the rest of the photos you are about to witness )

( I am the Toilet Lion!!!! Grrrr!!! )

( Excuse me mam, I think you have a toilet cover stuck on your bottom. )

( The peak of "Red Bull Wasted" )

( Carolyn! I'm trying to pee! )

( Time for some reading after a long day of doing hair )

I'm surprised no one heard us laughing and being crazy today...we would have gotten in big trouble. haha. I love being silly once in awhile...I think it's needed for the soul. :)

Are there some times when you just let go and act silly? Please tell me a story!?


  1. wow. I can now understand WHY Stephen was curious. Because DRUGS were involved. Of course, he will never see the crackhead side of you!! You usually aren't drinking it with him. Lol. did you tell him you guys shared a redbull?

    I think when your with other CHRISTIANS it is really important to let go and be silly especially if it is a part of who God created you to be. I meet so many girls who don't really talk or have much to say let alone laugh hysterically and I just could not imagine having a relationship with a humorous God and lacking humor and sillyness myself. WE WERE CREATED FOR IT!

    redbull can turn even the most timid lady into a silly goose. I have seen the effects of that drug. ha ha. There are plenty of you-tube videos that would not exist today had REDBULL not been invented.

    kk im done with my essay. I type as much as I talk. lol THANKS FOR TONIGHT it was amazing.

  2. hehe, this post made me laugh :)

  3. haha you girls rock!! i love it when you act silly with your friends :)

    way back june my friends and I had one of those stupid days at the office and we decided to make a stupid video during lunch time, so no one would see us. We went to the phone boots that are made of glass, turned on the music on a pc and started to dance telephone by lady gaga. hilarious

  4. LOL...they are so cute :) (the pictures I mean, and you and your friend too :)

  5. i tagged you missY! check out the blog post (Q&A)//tagged// ♥ for details :)!

    loving the changes to your blog by the way :)

  6. haha. glad you had fun!

    ah yes- that film is definitely one to make me happy :)