September 29, 2010

can't put the camera down

I really appreciate Stephen's sportsmanship ( no pun intended ) in having fun taking pictures with me. I would think most guys would be so annoyed with my wanting to take pictures every 5 seconds. Although our team lost we had a blast and after the game we went to get hot wings. I guess that's the sports thing to do. I had never really had wings before...I'd like to think I'm too classy but I actually enjoyed getting my hands dirty. I was so tired...I forgot to take pictures of that. Anyways, hope you girls are all doing well!

September 25, 2010

Love Fights Fair

Married couples who learn to work and resolve conflict tend to be closer, more trusting, more intimate and enjoy a deeper connection afterward. I've learned that if you joke around or poke fun a little while in eases the tension and you end up laughing about it later and the conflict gets resolved much faster. Although Stephen and I aren't married yet we've dealt with some major conflicts or "tiffs" is what we like to call them. These past two months have been quite hard for us but I'm glad we know how to fight now rather than later. I've also read somewhere that couples who have worked through/experienced conflict before marriage had more successful marriages in the long run ( opposed to couples who never argued before marriage but once in marriage fought like a pair of gerbils. ) I have no idea where I got that analogy. haha

Anyways, Stephen and I do a couples devotional about marriage and last weeks devotion hit home for us...considering all the tiffs we'd been having. Every couple should have a set of boundaries not to cross when arguing. This way...when you approach a hot topic you won't go over bounds when the conflict really heats up. Stephen and I have done and said some really hurtful and stupid things in the heat of an argument. Remember his letter to me in To Danica From Stephen? That letter was the outcome of a conflict that went way to the point where I said I can't be with you anymore. It lasted for a few hours but still!!! It was the biggest scare of my life. I can't believe I was about to throw my whole life away because emotions were high and I couldn't process correctly what was happening and we both flew off the handle. I'm just glad we are okay now but back on topic.....I was trying to say... have boundaries! Have a set of rules for yourself when you and your man fight. Here are some we came up with:

1. We will not bring up old, unrelated things from the past.

2. We will never fight in public or in front of other people. ( Or in front of our kids if and when we have them. )

We will never mention canceling engagement or divorce.

4. We will always focus on Christ. He is the reason we came together in the first place.

We will never touch one another out of anger.

6. Never go to bed angry.

7. No name calling.

Here are some good examples of keeping these boundaries:

James 1:19 "Everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger."

Matthew 7:3 "Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?"

Proverbs 15:1 " A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."

What's also helping us have less and more affective tiffs is we are keeping our spiritual lives in tact again. He is actually having quiet time without me pushing him to and I have overcome some major battles with insecurity. We are both growing and I think we are most definitely ready to get engaged soon. Let's keep our fingers crossed ladies!

September 16, 2010

The Beauty School Bathroom

Carolyn and I. ( My blond twin ) had a red bull ( for the first time mind you ) and got what's called a "Red Bull Wasted" We had some fun in the bathroom and laughing so hard my stomach and jaw hurt. Good thing Carolyn doesn't know I have a blog! hehe
( The drink that inspired the rest of the photos you are about to witness )

( I am the Toilet Lion!!!! Grrrr!!! )

( Excuse me mam, I think you have a toilet cover stuck on your bottom. )

( The peak of "Red Bull Wasted" )

( Carolyn! I'm trying to pee! )

( Time for some reading after a long day of doing hair )

I'm surprised no one heard us laughing and being crazy today...we would have gotten in big trouble. haha. I love being silly once in awhile...I think it's needed for the soul. :)

Are there some times when you just let go and act silly? Please tell me a story!?

September 8, 2010

How We Met

This is Stephen here.

I'd like to share my version on how Danica and I first met.

It was a nice sunny day on Sunday, January 24th, 2010. Like any other Sunday morning I got up and got ready to go to Voyagers Bible Church. It was a slightly different Sunday however because there was a special class I was going to attend at that was for newcomers who were interested in finding out about the history off the church called the "Connections Class". Since I had been going to church for three months at the time I felt compelled to go simply because I felt that Voyagers was already my home and because of that I needed to know more about the church I was attending.

I arrive at church and walk into the Fireside Room, a small room where they hold classes for the church. Everybody was asked to sit in a circle in order to make introductions easier for everyone. As I scanned the whole room I realized that I was the only young person amongst many middle aged people. At first I wondered if I was in the wrong class, but soon found out I was not. The class was about to start and all the sudden a couple walk into the room with what I thought was their daughter. For some reason I kept looking over at what I thought was the daughter of this couple because: A. she looked gorgeous and well presented. B. she looked rather young for being in the class (not that I wasn't either). As we started introductions I had the honors of introducing myself to everybody first since I was at the start of the circle. Gradually everybody introduced themselves and I don't even remember any of the other people's names except for hers. Finally it came to couple and they introduced themselves and their lovely niece...Danica. When she introduced herself she had such a beautiful mature voice, which I immediately noticed from the get-go. She told a little bit about herself to everybody, how she was 20 years old and going to cosmetology school in Huntington Beach, and how she was looking for a church to call home. After the class that Sunday I remember leaving there without introducing myself to her personally. Something felt weird that whole day and days to follow and didn't know what it was, and somehow it was related around her. Little did I know what was yet to come, and what God was about to do in my life.

The following week I went to the college/young adults group like I usually do every Thursday night. I walked in and said hi to everybody and as usual the guys were hanging out together in one group while the girls were hanging together in another group on the other side of the room. I glance over and see who was there in attendance amongst the ladies and I couldn't believe my eyes, because SHE was there too. I sheepishly decide not to go over and say anything not wanting to look like an idiot leaving the guys group. Somewhere in the midst of things however as the meeting was about to start everybody was rushing to try to find a seat, which is when I finally got the chance to introduce myself. "Hi, I'm Steve," I said to her with a smile. "My name is Danica," she said. "You look rather familiar, were you at the Connections Class last Sunday?" I asked. "Yes..I was," she answered. "'s a small world," I said. " is," said she. " was nice to meet," I explained. " was nice to meet you too," she said with a smile.

And the rest was history.

A another re-cap on our relationship thus far: To Danica From Stephen

September 3, 2010

I love this guy

with all my heart.

Thank you for: Changing the sheets and making the bed. For buying me flowers for no apparent reason. For taking the trash out without me asking. For knowing exactly what to say at exactly the right time. For loving my body when I don't love it. For telling me I'm beautiful before I have to ask if I look okay. For knowing when I need a hug. For being the shoulder I cry on. For being my encourager and just a wonderful boyfriend all around.